Gregory Sheehan, Counsel, came to Grossman Young & Hammond from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Field Office Directorate Headquarters where he was an adjudications officer in the Compliance Division of the Immigrant Investment Program Office (IPO). His career path began at Western New England University in Springfield, Massachusetts where he graduated with a joint MBA/JD degree in 2006. He was the first student to complete the four-year program in three years.

His early motto was to “learn, help, and learn some more” and he continues to apply the same drive to keep climbing and helping others. He created and operated his own practice balancing management and developing knowledge. His filings covered the common filings from the courtroom to the boardroom, to the ceremonies. He met clients in jails, churches and the Empire State Building and relished the fast pace and demands of client service.

In 2014, Gregory took an opportunity to join USCIS and moved to Texas. In the Houston Asylum Office, he trained the floor in Immigration Litigation; focusing on ICE/CBP “credible fear” procedures, Section 240 proceedings, responses and defenses, common filings, and the life cycles of various asylum claim types. He created a dynamic word document that would connect interview responses directly to the database that was used to generate forms and was known to volunteer his extra time helping the support staff, whether at the front desk speaking with clients or filling envelopes in the mail room.

When he was selected to take a detail in Tanzania with the Refugee Affairs Division he emerged as a “rookie” to pace a team of seasoned adjudicators by sharing efficiency notes and process improvements while also helping others with file corrections when they ran into difficult interviews. He estimates that he approved almost 1,000 refugees from a class that faced persecution 20 years prior, living in a refugee camp the whole time.

In 2017, Gregory was hired as a Supervisory Immigration Services Officer at the Houston Field Office. At the time, it was rare to see any migration from Asylum to Field, but he was able to bridge the gap. He developed a streamlined management tool to assist the entire Houston Field Office with tracking and assigning work across 85 officers. Based on this work he was nominated for a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Award and the USCIS Field Operations Directorate gave him the individual Award for Innovation. He was designated to be the point of contact as a liaison for the Office of Principal Legal Advisors (ICE) on cases that need expedited adjudications and, in this position, he wrote the standard operating procedure (SOP) for both offices to coordinate file transfers and centralize communication. He developed training components on legal research and writing and was selected to review and revise correspondence from Senior officers in critical adjudications.

Gregory joined IPO in 2018 and leveraged his prior EB-5 experience and business acumen to move around components quickly. He rose to adjudicate every form type while developing standards, for instance drafting the I-924 CHAP, which was accepted with minimal edits from Policy and OCC prior to the Program Sunset.

  • JD/MBA, Western New England University
  • BA, University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court
  • United States District Court – Massachusetts
  • USCIS Field Office Directorate Individual Award for Innovation
  • Pro Bono Award, New Center for Legal Advocacy, New Bedford, Massachusetts