What is a Red Notice?

The purpose of a Red Notice, according to INTERPOL, is to “seek the location and arrest of wanted persons with a view to extradition or similar lawful action.”

A Red Notice is often described as an “international arrest warrant.” This is incorrect. As INTERPOL itself states, a Red Notice “is not an international arrest warrant.” Rather, a Red Notice is “simply to inform all member countries that the person is wanted based on an arrest warrant or equivalent judicial decision issued by a country or an international tribunal.” Red Notices must comply with specific conditions set forth in INTERPOL’s constitution. They must concern serious ordinary-law crimes not related to behavioral or cultural norms, family or private matters, or private disputes that are not serious or are not connected with organized crime, and must meet a penalty threshold. To read more about what a Red Notice is and isn’t, you may visit INTERPOL’s website at https://www.interpol.int/en/How-we-work/Notices/Red-Notices. You may also review our publication’s on Red Notices HERE.