Ukranian Opera Director's…

Ukranian Opera Director's Firsthand Experience with INTERPOL Abuse

Ukranian Opera Director's… Ukrainian opera director Yevhen (Eugene) Lavrenchuk is speaking out against Russia’s exploitation of Interpol, following his over two-month imprisonment in Italy. Read More
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Torture Claims Filed Agai…

Torture Claims Filed Against New INTERPOL President

Torture Claims Filed Agai… William Bourdon, French lawyer representing Ahmed Monsour, has filed a torture complaint against INTERPOL President Maj. Gen. Ahmed Nasser al-Raisi. Ahmed Mansour, human rights defender and blogger, has been imprisoned in the UAE since 2017 on charge… Read More
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Ahmed Nasser al-Raisi ele…

Ahmed Nasser al-Raisi elected INTERPOL President, sparking controversy.

Ahmed Nasser al-Raisi ele… United Arab Emirates (UAE) General, Ahmed Nasser al-Raisi, was elected INTERPOL’s presidents after three rounds of voting by member states and INTERPOL’ general assembly. In this capacity he will serve part-time and unpaid for a four-year term. Read More
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Red Notice Deleted for Yi…

Red Notice Deleted for Yidiresi Aishan, Uyghur Activist

Red Notice Deleted for Yi… INTERPOL cancelled a Red Notice for Uyghur activist, Yidiresi Aishan, amid concerns that Beijing is abusing the international terrorist alerting system to deport dissenters back to China. Aishan, a Uyghur activist, also known as Idris Hasan, is a 33-… Read More
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Afghan Embassy Requests R…

Afghan Embassy Requests Red Notice for Ashraf Ghani, Former President

Afghan Embassy Requests R… The Afghan Embassy recently requested INTERPOL issue a Red Notice for the country’s former president Ashraf Ghani. After fleeing to the United Arab Emirates, the escaped former president was accused of stealing from the country’s treasury amidst… Read More
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Red Notice Published for…

Red Notice Published for Fabián 'Pepín' Rodríguez Simón

Red Notice Published for… On June 9, 2021, INTERPOL published a Red Notice for Fabián ‘Pepín’ Rodríguez Simón—a prominent, Argentinian corporate lawyer—on behalf of judge Maria Servini. According to INTERPOL, red notices are only “issued for fugitives wa… Read More
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INTERPOL's Operation Weka…

INTERPOL's Operation Weka Tackles Human Trafficking

INTERPOL's Operation Weka… Authorities rescued nearly 500 victims of human trafficking and arrested 195 suspects due to an operation led by INTERPOL. Operation Weka, funded by the Interpol Foundation for a safer world, was carried out from March 28th to April 2nd with authorit… Read More
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INTERPOL Drops Red Notice…

INTERPOL Drops Red Notice for Ahlam Tamimi

INTERPOL Drops Red Notice… Ahlam Tamimi, A woman charged with orchestrating a terrorist attack that caused 15 deaths in Jerusalem, had her Red Notice erased and her name removed from INTERPOL’s ‘Most Wanted’ list after a lengthy legal battle. The Palestinian… Read More
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South Africa, China seize…

South Africa, China seize fake COVID vaccines: INTERPOL

South Africa, China seize… While Covid-19 vaccines are becoming more available, there are still many limitations to who can receive them. INTERPOL issued an “Orange Notice” due to organized crimes surrounding COVID-19 vaccines. Thousands of counterfeit doses of vaccines ha… Read More
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INTERPOL issues Red Notic…

INTERPOL issues Red Notice for Donald Trump.

INTERPOL issues Red Notic… Iran requested INTERPOL to issue a Red Notice request for U.S. President Donald Trump and 47 other US officials for their roles in the assassination of Iranian general Qasem Solemani on January 3, 2020. Gholamhossein Esmaili, the Iranian judiciary sp… Read More
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Testimonials from

“Attorney Grossman’s keen understanding of my case, her dedication, and her knowledge of international law and INTERPOL procedure, ultimately led to a decision by INTERPOL in 2014, that all data against me failed to comply with Interpol’s rules. I…”
– Dual Venezuelan and U.S. citizen and pediatric cardiologist/neonatologist
“The CCF’s decision constituted firm confirmation that the Red Notice against me had been issued by weak, provisional judges who executed arbitrary criminal proceedings against me in violation of my human rights. Ms. Grossman’s assistance, her utt…”
– Gabriel Osio Zamora, Venezuelan Citizen
“I hired Grossman Young & Hammond and they took a deep dive into the facts of my case and helped me to identify the evidence needed to demonstrate how I had been wronged. They were able to request a review of my case with Interpol, presenting new evid…”
– Anonymous
“In short, their professionalism and humanity were essential, especially for a case like mine which was highly complicated by having served as the Attorney General of Guatemala and suffering political persecution by the mafia of that country. Being a…”
– Thelma Aldana, Politician, former President of the Supreme Court and former Attorney General of Guatemala


“I have been working with Becki Young for about 9 years now, she provides a unique expertise in the hospitality industry. She is a delightful person to work with.”
– Cynthia Billeaud, Director of Human Resources, Dinex Group

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