Presentations and Publications

Grossman Young & Hammond is a proud authority on legal matters surrounding INTERPOL abuse and defense against Red Notices, diffusions and other INTERPOL publications. A complete record of our publications, presentations and interviews with media regarding INTERPOL matters is below.

"He fought corruption in Russia. ICE wants to deport him." POLITICO, September 3, 2020 (Sandra Grossman quoted).

"Current Developments in INTERPOL Red Notice Abuse," American Bar Association, July 10, 2020.

"INTERPOL, Red Notices, and the Immigrant: Opportunities for Creative Legal Advocacy," in cooperation with Clark Hill, July, 1 2020.

"Matter of W-E-R-B and the Reliability of Red Notices: How to Successfully Advocate for Victims of Persecution," by Sandra Grossman and Meg Hobbins, Bender's Immigration Bulletin, 6.15.20

“Governments Are Using Interpol to Pressure Political Enemies,” Voice of America News, Sandra quoted, 10.29.19

“Challenging a Red Notice,” AILA Law Journal, by Sandra Grossman and Ted Bromund, 4.19

“Tools of Transnational Repression,” Testimony before the Helsinki Commission – a bipartisan congressional committee – regarding the TRAP Act, Sandra Grossman Testifies, 9.12.19

“The TRAP Act’s Contribution to Preventing Transnational Repression Through Interpol,” Federalist Society Review, by Sandra Grossman and Ted Bromund, 2020

"Why Immigration Lawyers Should Care About The Trap Act – It Will Address Interpol Abuse,” Think Immigration Blog (AILA), 11.26.19

“Could proposed U.S. law end abuse of Interpol red notices?” Ahval, Sandra Grossman quoted, 9.9.19

Testimonials from

  • “In short, their professionalism and humanity were essential, especially for a case like mine which was highly complicated by having served as the Attorney General of Guatemala and suffering political persecution by the mafia of that country. Being a…”
    – Thelma Aldana, Politician, former President of the Supreme Court and former Attorney General of Guatemala
  • “The CCF’s decision constituted firm confirmation that the Red Notice against me had been issued by weak, provisional judges who executed arbitrary criminal proceedings against me in violation of my human rights. Ms. Grossman’s assistance, her utt…”
    – Gabriel Osio Zamora, Venezuelan Citizen
  • “Attorney Grossman’s keen understanding of my case, her dedication, and her knowledge of international law and INTERPOL procedure, ultimately led to a decision by INTERPOL in 2014, that all data against me failed to comply with Interpol’s rules. I…”
    – Dual Venezuelan and U.S. citizen and pediatric cardiologist/neonatologist
  • “I hired Grossman Young & Hammond and they took a deep dive into the facts of my case and helped me to identify the evidence needed to demonstrate how I had been wronged. They were able to request a review of my case with Interpol, presenting new evid…”
    – Anonymous