A nonimmigrant visa waiver, for persons applying from abroad, set forth in Section 212(d)(3) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), waives nearly all grounds of inadmissibility except security-related grounds, foreign policy consequences, Nazi persecution, and participation in genocide. Aside from these exceptions, any ground of inadmissibility is waivable in conjunction with a nonimmigrant visa (such as a tourist, or student visa, among others) if the visa applicant can establish that they are eligible for the visa and not a threat to U.S. interests. The U.S. government will consider the following factors in determining whether to approve a waiver:

  • the recency of the act constituting the basis for inadmissibility;
  • the reasons for the applicant’s travel to the U.S.; and,
  • the positive or negative effects of the applicant’s travel to the U.S.

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