I am a successful entrepreneur who was forced to flee my home country, Russia, after I was targeted with bogus, politically-motivated criminal charges by the Russian government. Even though there was zero basis for the case against me, the Russian government requested a Red Notice in my name and turned my life into a nightmare. I applied for asylum in the United States, and naively believed that I was safe. I was then detained by US immigration authorities for months, purely due to the Red Notice. I tried for well over a year through another firm to remove the Red Notice but my claim was denied by Interpol. I hired Grossman Young & Hammond and they took a deep dive into the facts of my case and helped me to identify the evidence needed to demonstrate how I had been wronged. They were able to request a review of my case with Interpol, presenting new evidence and arguments, and finally persuaded Interpol that the Red Notice was not legitimate. Achieving the deletion of the Red Notice was a huge vindication for me. I am forever grateful to Sandra Grossman and Meg Hobbins for their incredible insight and tenacity that brought me justice.