Dual Venezuelan and U.S. citizen and pediatric cardiologist/neonatologist

I am a dual Venezuelan and U.S. citizen and well-known pediatric cardiologist/neonatologist who has dedicated his life and career to treating acutely and chronically ill vulnerable children. In 2008, I became the unfortunate victim of a massive persecution instigated by the Venezuelan state. Though its subjugated court system, the media, and the executive branch itself, the government of Venezuela set out to violently, needlessly, and cruelly destroy my reputation and the reputation of my medical associates. Their purpose was clear: to divert attention from Venezuela’s own failing public health system and to blame the nation’s medical failings on a group of doctors labeled as “elitist,” “westernized,” and non-patriotic because they were educated in the United States, employed in a private hospital, and of the Jewish faith. The Venezuelan state further persecuted me through the machinery of INTERPOL, by issuing a request for a Red Notice. Because of this illegitimate and persecutory action I could not return to Venezuela, lest I be arrested and jailed unlawfully for a crime I did not commit. I could not travel abroad or even seek citizenship in the U.S. because of the INTERPOL notice against me. Very fortunately, I was able to locate and retain attorney Grossman who filed a claim with Interpol arguing that the Red Notice stood in clear violation of my dignity and human rights. Attorney Grossman’s keen understanding of my case, her dedication, and her knowledge of international law and INTERPOL procedure, ultimately led to a decision by INTERPOL in 2014, that all data against me failed to comply with Interpol’s rules. Interpol deleted from their databases the negative data against me. Today I can travel the world freely and I am a proud U.S. citizen. I highly recommend Ms. Grossman to anyone having the unfortunate and terrible experience of being illegitimately accused of a crime by an authoritarian and abusive government.

INTERPOL Decision:

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