Excellent and caring Immigration Lawyer

I started working with Meg in 2009 when I applied for US permanent residence.
She has provided terrific service throughout, including handling all the paperwork, collecting all necessary information/documents etc to file with my application and in submitting responses to a request for additional evidence. She was present with me at the interview which went very smoothly with no issues given my case was properly prepared and filed. When I obtained my US permanent residence she advised me right away on steps to take to preserve my eligibility for US naturalization and to keep track of any overseas travels which would make the subsequent filing for citizenship more efficient. I subsequently had to relocate overseas temporarily for my work and she advised me on filing for a US re-entry permit (an important but often overlooked travel document) and handled the filing.

After I became eligible to apply for naturalization I re hired Meg who encouraged me to file my US citizenship application without delay (given it provides critical security and rights that a US green card holder lacks), was present during the interview and the whole process followed its course without a hiccup. Thanks to Meg I am now a proud and happy American.
Meg stands out for her diligence, strong competence and experience with immigration law, her passion for the work and her genuine commitment and care in helping immigrants regardless of where they come from. Prior to law school she worked with the US Peace Corps in a village in Africa which shows her devotion to helping others, including in difficult and remote corners of the world.

She made a complicated process manageable and less stressful. She was always highly responsive and available to answer questions on short notice even during times when our retainer was no longer effective and she kept me updated while my applications were pending.

US immigration law is very complex and given the current administration’s policies on immigration it is especially important for people to have good immigration advice from an excellent lawyer like Meg. It is a small price to pay for security and the peace of mind.