Great representation for N400 application

I was lucky to find Meg help me with my dealings with USCIS. If you live overseas or simply needs help with an immigration related issue, Meg is your girl (lady I should say)! My husband and I live and work in Switzerland which means that filing our own a naturalization application for abroad would have been quite an undertaking. Meg and her team did a brilliant job during the filing processes, making sure our applications contained all the documents required (an some more), explaining at every step what was required and why and advising us on what to expect in terms of next steps and likely timeline (which is very helpful). Despite my somewhat complicated cases (we filed 3 applications in once : an application for removal of conditions for my residency, another one for a re-entry permit and a last one for the naturalization), Meg and her team worked wonders. In 9 months overall, I had all 3 applications approved. Terrific work!! I could not be happier with the service I got! I highly recommend Margaret!