Ljuben Paralanov

My wife and I have been lawful permanent residents of the United States since May, 2004 by March 2010. I am an engineer by training and because of my job responsibilities as a Manager for the biggest U.S. investment project in Bulgaria, I have been working in Bulgaria for much of the time that I have been a resident of the United States. My career requires me to live in Bulgaria. Since obtaining my green card, my wife and I have travelled regularly to the United States to visit our children… We never had any problems with U.S. Customs, or any idea that somehow we were not in compliance with our residency status until a 2009 trip to the U.S. when we were being charged by Immigration services with abandoning our residency status and that we would have to abandon our residency voluntarily or go to immigration court…. Grossman Law, LLC prepared our case in a professional manner, submitted all necessary papers, negotiated with the Government, and organized our presentation for court session. During court hearing we were assisted directly by Sandra Grossman, Esq. Her support and representation was ultimately successful…Based on her professional assistance my family obtained very satisfactory results and I highly recommend her law practice to future prospective clients.