My Awesome attorney

I know awesome is really not a word a grown up should use and even less so to describe an attorney. However,it is the only word I can use to describe Meg Hobbins. I had very serious immigration issues and was facing possibly deportation when I met Meg in 2012. My case was as complex as they come and my attorney at the time told me she couldn't handle it and I had to move,in her own words,"up the food chain" so she referred me to Meg. That was the best decision I ever made. I had been through 4 immigration attorneys by then and it was refreshing to finally deal with a pro. Meg is a consummate professional and really relieved me of all the stress of dealing with USCIS. You will know in detail what supporting documents to submit, how and when and her team is fantastic in keeping you up to date. With her guidance I finally got my long sought green card in January 2013.

I currently have a thriving medical practice in Chevy Chase Maryland and still live in the USA with my wife and four beautiful children and I have Meg to thank for that. I have referred many friends and family to Meg and will continue to do so.