Restored my faith in attorneys!

Margaret (Meg) Hobbins and her team were absolutely spectacular. I am a Canadian citizen who in 2012, was given an expedited removal order and a 5 year ban from the US, for over staying in the US to be with my spouse. This was made even worse by the actions of the first law firm I hired, who completely botched my first visa attempt. My second immigration attorney seemed indifferent to our struggles (we are a same sex couple and the ban occurred prior to the fall of DOMA and the legalization of same-sex marriage) and he just seemed to drop my case for months at a time. Both my waiver and visa application were denied when I was with this attorney. My third attorney filed for my permanent residency (green card), but failed to mention that I would also need to re-apply for a ban waiver and then seemed to have dropped our case after filing. By this time, almost three years had passed, my spouse and I had to sell our business and a home and we had made plans to relocate him to Canada, away from our home that we loved, all our friends and his family. At that point we thought all hope of return had passed, all immigration attorneys did not care and we would have to rebuild our lives in Canada. But then we also learned that there was no guarantee that I would be able to return to the US to visit without encountering problems after my ban had expired, so we decided to continue with my application for permanent residency, knowing that we would also need to get a waiver. I knew of Meg's firm through of a friend of a friend and right from the first consultation, they made us feel like they actually cared. Meg and her firm came up with a plan quickly, explained every step and scenario in detail, kept the lines of communication open at all times and executed every step of the process exactly as was discussed. I have never had any professional in any industry be as responsive and make me feel like they cared as much as this. A friend of ours who happens to be judge was somewhat involved in our applications and even he remarked that he had never dealt with attorneys that were as responsive as Meg and her firm. Ultimately, my permanent residency, waiver and permission to re-enter were all approved, due mostly to the great and timely work of this firm. I would utilize them for anything they would agree to do for us in a heartbeat.