Thelma Aldana, Politician, former President of the Supreme Court and former Attorney General of Guatemala

Several people recommended that I take my asylum and Interpol defense case to Grossman Young & Hammond, the references for the law firm were extraordinary. The legal fees were covered by an American foundation, on a pro bono basis. A few months later, after the firm achieved the resolution of political asylum in my favor and having defended me before Interpol, I came to see that the referrals were true. However, beyond the high professional level of the firm, I must recognize in attorney Sandra Grossman and her legal team the commitment, sense of accompaniment, warmth, deft political management and the human focus that for those of us in vulnerable situations is vital.

In short, their professionalism and humanity were essential, especially for a case like mine which was highly complicated by having served as the Attorney General of Guatemala and suffering political persecution by the mafia of that country. Being a lawyer we teamed up with Grossman Young and won - the Firm achieved what seemed impossible.

INTERPOL Decision:

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