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It’s hard to believe that summer is already drawing to a close. Between the pandemic in limbo and major events in Afghanistan, the global immigration conversation has shifted. In this issue of Transcending BordersSM we outline: Afghan Refugee Resou… Read More
Transcending Borders Newsletter – July 2021 View and Subscribe: HERE PDF: HERE International Entrepreneur Parole Program Returns USCIS recently breathed life back into the “International Entrepreneur” parole program, which provides badly needed… Read More
Biden Suspends Entry for Travelers from India On April 30, 2021 the Biden White House released a Presidential Proclamation (PP), suspending the entry of nonimmigrants and noncitizens who were physically present in the Republic of India during the 14… Read More
We officially made it out of 2020 and what a year it was. As 2021 makes its way in, immigration advocates around the country were uplifted to learn of President Biden’s plans for an immigration overhaul as one of his first priorities after taking o… Read More
The latest issue of our Transcending BordersSM newsletter offers a post-election immigration review. What might the future of immigration policy look like as we transition to a new President? President-elect Biden has promised to roll back many of Tr… Read More
Transcending Borders October 12, 2020 BREAKING: Dramatic Changes to H-1B (and PERM) On Tuesday, October 6th, the Trump administration announced yet another measure making it more difficult for skilled foreign workers to obtain H-1B visas. Ken Cuccine… Read More
See our official newsletter and subscribe: GYH Proudly Welcomes Esteemed International Human Rights Lawyer, Carlos Ayala, as Of Counsel GYH’s INTERPOL Defense and international human rights law practice welcomes Venezuelan… Read More
Read and subscribe to our mailing list: ALERT: EAD Delays lead to I-9 changes United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced this week that, due to the pandemic, the production of Form I-766 employment a… Read More
Transcending BordersSM August 5, 2020 Executive Order on H-1B workers at Federal Agencies On Monday, August 3rd, President Trump signed a new executive order (EO) barring H-1B workers from replacing American workers on a federal contracts. The EO cre… Read More
GYH publishes its first newsletter of 2020, focusing on gratitude in the immigration space. January 15, 2020 Happy New Year, readers! For this issue of Transcending Borders, we looked back at 2019 for things for which we can be grateful. In terms of… Read More