On February 14th, President Biden announced that the U.S. will defer for 18-months the removal of any Palestinian, subject to some exceptions. This is known as a program of deferred enforced departure (DED). It is similar to Temporary Protected Status (TPS), except that it is not based in regulation but, rather, is an executive action.

DED was ordered for Palestinians to provide some relief for those in the US facing dire humanitarian conditions in Palestine.

The President also urged The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to consider suspending regulations related to Palestinian F-1 students during the humanitarian crisis.

This DED program allows Palestinians to remain in the United States and apply for employment authorization with an I-765 form. DED does not have a particular application form. However, those on DED may apply for travel authorization with an I-131 form.

Palestinians in the United States cannot apply for employment or travel authorization until the Federal Register notice is published. Effective immediately, however, eligible Palestinians are not to be removed from the United States. Specific instructions for how Palestinians can apply for work and travel authorization once the DED order is published in the Federal Register.

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