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Sandra Grossman

Phone: (240) 403-0913
Sandra Grossman is a founding partner of Grossman Young & Hammond, a full-service immigration and international human rights law firm in Maryland. She is a skilled practitioner with nearly two decades of experience in a broad range of immigration… Read More
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Becki L. Young

Phone: (301) 917-6900
Becki Young, founding Partner, is a seasoned business immigration attorney with three decades of experience in the field. Becki regularly provides immigration law advice to clients in a broad range of industries, including investment banking and secu… Read More
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Meg Hobbins

Phone: (240) 403-0913
Meg is a Partner at Grossman Young & Hammond with over 16 years of experience handling complex U.S. immigration and international human rights matters. She focuses her practice on challenging persecutory INTERPOL Red Notices and restoring U.S. tr… Read More
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Patrick Taurel

Phone: 2404030913
Patrick Taurel is an experienced immmigration litigator and Partner at Grossman Young & Hammond. Read More
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Denise C. Hammond

Phone: (301) 917-6900
Denise Hammond, Senior Counsel, has focused exclusively on the practice of immigration law for almost 30 years. She has received numerous accolades from clients and peers for her extraordinary level of personal service, her resourcefulness, and her a… Read More
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Adriana Robinson

Phone: 240-403-0913
Adriana Robinson, Senior Attorney, focuses her practice on family-based immigration and removal defense work. She is dedicated to providing the best representation for her clients. Adriana represents individuals before the U.S. Citizenship and Immigr… Read More
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Yeon Me Kim

Phone: (301) 917-6900
Senior Attorney Yeon Me Kim handles a wide variety of family and employment based non-immigrant and immigrant visa petitions. She provides skilled and steady guidance to clients to help them navigate through challenging immigration processes and achi… Read More
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Sofia Hassander

Phone: (301) 917-6900
Sofia Hassander is an Attorney in the Firm’s business immigration practice group, handling a wide variety of employment-based immigrant and non-immigrant visa petitions, including “extraordinary ability” visas, temporary work visas, green cards… Read More
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Nikki Whetstone

Phone: 301.917.6900
Nikki Whetstone is an Attorney at Grossman Young & Hammond where she represents corporate and individual clients on a broad variety of employment-based and family-based immigration matters, including nonimmigrant and immigrant visas, consular pro… Read More
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Hallie Cohen

Phone: 3019176900
Hallie Cohen is an Attorney at Grossman Young & Hammond where her practice focuses on employment-based immigration matters. Read More
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Harisa Henderson

Phone: 3019176900
Harisa Henderson is an Attorney at Grossman Young & Hammond where her practice focuses on employment-based immigration matters. Read More
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Claudia Cedeno

Phone: 2404030913
Claudia Cedeño is an Associate Attorney with experience in family-based immigration matters. She also assists clients in asylum claims, and those who have been waiting a long time for a decision in their case, with Mandamus actions against USCIS. Read More
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Ariel Rawls

Phone: (240) 403-0913
Ariel Rawls is an Attorney at Grossman Young & Hammond who focuses her practice on humanitarian immigration and the application of international human rights law before international and regional bodies. Read More
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Valerie Mahoney

Valerie Mahoney, an Attorney at Grossman Young & Hammond, specializes in a variety of immigration matters encompassing both employment-based and family-based cases. Read More
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Christian Gonzalez Chacon

Phone: 2404030913
Christian Gonzalez Chacon specializes in international human rights law. He brings to the firm more than a decade of experience as a human rights advocate, having worked with prominent international human rights organizations and tribunals. Read More
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Sheryl Winarick

Phone: 3019176900
Sheryl Winarick is a U.S. immigration lawyer with over 20 years of professional experience. Sheryl creatively helps individuals, families, businesses and organizations maximize their potential in the U.S. Read More
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David Morris

Phone: 3019176900
Based in Washington DC, David Morris has practiced exclusively in immigration law since 1992. For the past 20 years, he has represented foreign investors and regional centers in all aspects of the EB-5 visa program. Read More
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Carlos Ayala

Phone: (58-212) 952-8448
Fax: (58-212) 952-6263
Carlos Ayala is the head of the Constitutional Law Chair at the “Andrés Bello” Catholic University, Professor of Human Rights at the University of Oxford (UK), Georgetown University, American University Washington of College of Law (USA)… Read More
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