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The International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) facilitates cooperation among the law enforcement bodies of nearly 200 different counties. Any member country may submit information about a suspected criminal or witness so that other countries may assist in locating (and potentially extraditing) the individual.

Unfortunately, despite important and helpful recent reforms, INTERPOL does not have adequate procedures to vet requests for international police cooperation before they are distributed through INTERPOL’s vast network of databases. The Organization’s lack of oversight has allowed some member countries to abuse and manipulate INTERPOL’s law enforcement and data sharing mechanisms to persecute or illegitimately seek the extradition of otherwise innocent people.  Our team of legal experts has significant experience in effective advocacy before INTERPOL, and specifically before the Commission for Control of INTERPOL’S Files or CCF. We are recognized national and international experts on the issue of INTERPOL abuse. If you are the victim of an illegitimate or pretextual INTERPOL Notice or Diffusion, we can assist you in seeking the removal and deletion of erroneous information, and devise a comprehensive strategy to protect you from further abuse.

Understanding the Consequences of Illegitimate Information on INTERPOL’s Database

The personal consequences of an illegitimate of an INTERPOL “hit,” Diffusion or Red Notice on individuals who are illegitimately included in INTERPOL databases can be devastating. As the subject of a red notice, or another type of inclusion in INTERPOL databases, you may be prohibited from international travel, prevented from engaging in financial transactions, or suffer U.S. immigration consequences like visa denials, revocations, cancellations, bond denials, and delays in the processing of asylum applications. We are one of the few U.S. based law firms with experience in the immigration consequences of INTERPOL abuse. We’re here to assess your INTERPOL profile and seek the removal of this inaccurate (and potentially devastating) information to keep you out of harm’s way.

Defending Your Name and Reputation: Protecting You from Persecution

Although INTERPOL offers a process that allows individuals to request the removal of inaccurate or false information from the database, the path tends to be lengthy, complicated and opaque. Our team of highly skilled and practised attorneys represents those who have been illegitimately included in INTERPOL databases by advocating tenaciously on their behalf before the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL’s Files. We’ve successfully petitioned INTERPOL to delete or remove such information, ensuring the safety of our clients and their families. We are recognized international experts on autocratic abuse of INTERPOL.  If you believe you have been wrongfully included in an INTERPOL database, contact our office right away.

If you’ve been illegitimately included in INTERPOL databases, contact the experienced and skilled legal team at Grossman Young & Hammond by calling our Bethesda office at (240) 403-0913 or our Silver Spring office at (301) 917-6900 today.


Our team of highly skilled and experienced attorneys represents those who have been illegitimately included in INTERPOL databases by advocating tenaciously on their behalf and protecting their safety.

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