Visa Revocations and Denials

Proven Experience Appealing Denials and Revocation

While visa denials and revocations present significant challenges, Grossman Young & Hammond has substantive experience in successfully handling these matters. The firm employs multi-faceted legal strategies to information gather, challenge wrongful inadmissibility determinations, and strengthen the Client’s visa profile. With decades of experience in handling high-profile matters and complex cross-border issues, GYH understands how to address key concerns underlying visa refusals and showcase the client’s positive influence on U.S. interests with precision and impact. GYH will design and execute a client-centered, nuanced strategy to restore critical U.S. travel privileges.

Aggressively Pursuing Your Appeal

We understand that our clients demand and deserve a law firm that will prioritize their case. GYH attorneys handling visa denials and revocations are committed to pursuing their client’s cases aggressively, strategically, and thoughtfully.

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