Thank you to everyone who attended our webinar, Extraordinary Ability Visa Options, presented by Co-Managing Partner Becki Young and Aurore le Roy de la Chohiniere, Law Clerk & French Trainee Attorney. A recording of the webinar and PDF of the slides are below. If you have questions about this webinar, please email:

PDF of Slides

The U.S. has multiple immigration options available for foreign nationals of “extraordinary ability” in a wide array of categories from arts to STEM to sports. For employers whose employees missed the H-1B cap or those frustrated with U.S. visa options, extraordinary ability visas may be worth exploring. Some of these visa categories require a U.S. employer sponsor while others allow self-sponsorship. This webinar explains the various immigration pathways for foreign nationals with outstanding careers, special skills, and formidable aspirations.

  • What are the extraordinary ability visa categories?
  • Explanation of O-1 visas and EB-1 green cards.
  • What is the difference between O-1A & O-1B?
  • What is included in expert opinion letters?
  • Which category should I apply for?
  • Considerations when moving from a visa to a green card.