Asylum & Humanitarian Visas

Helping You Secure Asylum & Humanitarian Visas

United States immigration laws provide several forms of humanitarian relief for both minors and adults. If you’re seeking special protection for a child or young adult, the trusted and compassionate legal team at Grossman Young & Hammond can help. We’re here to pursue visas on behalf of foreign nationals who have suffered abuse at the hands of criminals, traffickers, intimate partners, or relatives. Victims of transnational repression often need help pursuing a visa protecting them from autocratic governments crossing borders to persecute them for their dissent views. Additionally, if you have agreed to assist U.S. law enforcement in their investigations and prosecutions, we can help you obtain a special visa. Whatever the specifics of your situation may be, you can trust that our tenacious and experienced immigration attorneys will identify the most effective and strategic path forward.

Supporting You on the Path to U.S. Asylum

You may be eligible for asylum status if you fear persecution based on your political beliefs, religion, nationality, race, or membership in a social group. We will work with you to demonstrate that your fear of persecution is both objectively and subjectively reasonable and that either the government or an organized group is threatening to persecute you. Unfortunately, recent changes to immigration procedures and policies have made the asylum process more difficult, so we encourage you to seek our legal guidance as soon as possible to assess your options. Our attorneys have successfully assisted clients from all over the world with their asylum claims, and we are prepared to advocate passionately and tenaciously on your behalf.

Immigration for Children and Young Adults

Immigration policies in the United States are rapidly evolving, especially those involving children and young adults. For instance, minor children who have been subjected to abuse, abandonment, or neglect may qualify for “Special Immigrant Juvenile Status” (SIJS), giving them a clear path to lawful permanent residency and U.S. citizenship. Other policies, such as “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA), have encountered challenges or terminations, so it’s essential to work with one of our knowledgeable immigration attorneys to assess and identify all your available options.

Immigration for Crime Victims

Foreign nationals who are victims of criminal activity may qualify for lawful immigration status, provided they help U.S. law enforcement investigate or prosecute the crime. For example, a victim of human trafficking who helps law enforcement investigate this crime may obtain lawful immigration status in exchange for their cooperation and assistance. Sometimes, a foreign national who is not a victim but provides information and assistance in an investigation or prosecution matter may qualify for an S visa. The Violence Against Women Act allows a foreign national to seek immigration status with the involvement of an abusive spouse or relative. The dedicated and compassionate legal team at Grossman Young & Hammond recognizes how stressed you may feel, and we are committed to supporting you and protecting you through creative and effective legal solutions.

For assistance with an asylum or humanitarian visa matter, contact the experienced and caring legal team at Grossman Young & Hammond by calling our Bethesda office at (240) 403-0913 or our Silver Spring office at (301) 917-6900 today.

Our experienced and compassionate attorneys can help you seek asylum and humanitarian visas, protecting you from transnational repression, persecution, and further violence. Contact us to learn more.

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