Grossman talks to CNN Espanol about Missing Migrant Parents

In this CNN Español interview with Anchor Gabriela Frias, GYH Partner Sandra Grossman shares her views on the 545 children who remain separated from their parents due to the 2017 pilot program secretly instituted by the Trump administration. What are the legal remedies for these children? What are their rights while they remain in the United States? Can the Trump administration be held legally accountable for these continuing separations? Sandra discusses lawsuits filed by Southern Poverty Law Center and the ACLU to answer some of these questions. For more information on how you can support these organizations and the important work they are doing, please visit their websites and donate. (Interview in Spanish)

Se buscan: padres de 545 menores de edad que fueron separados en Estados Unidos. Revisamos las imlicaciones legales de este drama humano con la abogada Sandra Grossman.