Becki Young Interviewed by Tech Target about Record H-1B Petitions Despite Pandemic

This year, the United States Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS) rolled out a new electronic pre-registration system for H-1B petitions, bringing in a record 275,000 H-1B petitions, a 37% increase over last year. While the pre-registration process clearly makes it easier for firms to apply for the H-1B lottery, this boon was fleeting. Many of these visa petitions were filed before the Coronavirus pandemic was in full effect, causing many business to shutter and, in many cases, terminate or furlough employees. The question now is whether employers will proceed with H-1B applications or drop their plans for visa sponsorship. 

Tech Target asked GYH Managing Partner Becki Young for her expert opinion.

“[Some businesses that] are currently shut down or operating at partial capacity have asked us to proceed with their cases,” said Young. “That’s because some employers have sponsored H-1B work visa holders with unique skills to fill special roles. The clients have often invested substantial resources into recruiting these individuals, and don’t want to lose them.”

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