INTERPOL Vindicates Mr. Gillmore Hoefdraad, Suriname’s Former Minister of Finance, Rescinding Suriname’s Illegitimate Red Notice Request

Mr. Gillmore Hoefdraad, former Minister of Finance (2015-2020) and president of the Central Bank of Suriname (2010-2015), has been the target of illegitimate, politically motivated charges since his party lost national elections in 2020. Mr. Hoefdraad left a career with the International Monetary Fund, assisting distressed economies around the world, to serve his home country. The government of Suriname wrongly criminalized good faith policy decisions made by Mr. Hoefdraad and the prior administration during a financial crisis that deepened with the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on charges that were previously rejected by Suriname’s National Assembly, Mr. Hoefdraad was convicted in absentia, in a case lacking fundamental due process protections. In a decisive recognition of Suriname’s illegitimate prosecution of Mr. Hoefdraad, INTERPOL has rescinded the Red Notice requested by Suriname that sought his detention and extradition.

On April 14, 2022, INTERPOL issued a detailed, 11-page decision confirming that Suriname’s prosecution of Mr. Hoefdraad is politically motivated and in violation of INTERPOL’s Constitution. INTERPOL’s decision vindicates Mr. Hoefdraad as a victim of political persecution, whose human rights have been repeatedly violated by Suriname’s government. This decision confirms that Suriname has no evidence of self-enrichment, yet still proceeded with nonsensical embezzlement charges arguing that the State alone benefited from Mr. Hoefdraad’s actions as finance minister. INTERPOL found the charges against Mr. Hoefdraad seriously concerning and lacking in the clarity required by its Constitution and rules.

Partner Meg Hobbins represents Mr. Hoefdraad before INTERPOL and has also assisted with his claims before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. In response to INTERPOL’s decision, Ms. Hobbins states: “Mr. Hoefdraad has suffered immeasurable personal and professional harm stemming from Suriname’s politically motivated charges. We wholeheartedly welcome this decision from INTERPOL, which carefully weighed the extensive evidence in this matter and came down decisively in Mr. Hoefdraad’s favor.”

Grossman Young & Hammond defends individuals who are targeted by persecutory Red Notices and seek justice before the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL’s Files and international human rights bodies. GYH supports efforts to stop INTERPOL abuse worldwide.

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