POLITICO speaks to Sandra Grossman about INTERPOL Abuse

INTERPOL abuse and Red Notice-based targeting and detention of foreign nationals by U.S. immigration authorities is garnering increased attention. POLITICO’s recent article summarizes the troubling case of a Russian national detained for 18 months due to a politically-motivated Red Notice, ironically issued by Russia in response the man’s thesis paper about corruption in the Russian economy.

Politico contacted Sandra Grossman for comment. “We are in an enforcement atmosphere, but ironically ICE is actually not applying what the law and policy is.” The article continues, “Grossman said that while the problem in the U.S. begins with ICE, which does not appear to have a strong vetting mechanism in place to gauge the legitimacy of these Red Notices, immigration judges also have “a fundamental lack of understanding about what a Red Notice is or isn’t. It’s not an international arrest warrant or conclusive evidence of criminality.”

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