» Creativity in the time of COVID

Nico Borromeo, Argentinian Musician and GYH client, speaks about the importance of creativity in everyday life and, in particular, during trying times. What blocks our creativity and how do we overcome that fear? Stay to the end for an original compo… Read More
Contractor-Chef, Chef Carlos Cardenas, walks us through the steps for traditional Mexican guacamole, a perfect warm-weather snack. Carlos, a friend of GYH, is a multi-talented immigrant from Mexico and trained chef who is a recently launched @NotYour… Read More
Elevate your brunch this weekend with a homemade leek quiche! GYH client, Chef Mark Courseille, walks you through the steps for how to make this French classic at home. If you would like to support the chef and thank him for his efforts, Venmo him a… Read More
DC bartender and friend of GYH David Martin shares three super easy cocktails for all of you missing the bars this Spring. As you learn these no-frills cocktails, give a wink to the iconic Madam’s Organ mural in the background, a well-known landmar… Read More
Master Sommelier and GYH client, Michael Engelmann, explains the basics of wine tasting, what to look for when you pop open a new bottle and how to sound like a pro when describing your favorite glass. Michael Engelmann was named Best Sommelier in Am… Read More
Venezuelan Master Chocolatier and GYH Client Anabella Arcay demonstrates how to temper chocolate and make chocolate mendiants, a simple classic confection that makes a great gift for friends and family. Perhaps a Mother’s Day gift… If your mom do… Read More
Whisk your way into the weekend with homemade chocolate mousse! Chef Alex Malaise of Et Voilà!, DC’s favorite neighborhood Belgian restaurant and client of GYH, teaches you how to whip up this decadent classic at home. Like many restaurants, Et Vo… Read More
TGIFried chicken! Chef Jonathon Capo of Founding Farmers teaches you how to make the most mouthwatering quarantine fried chicken with simple ingredients readily available at their markets in Tysons, Reston Station and Montgomery County. Founding Farm… Read More
Homemade crepes, anyone? GYH is proud to represent some of this country’s best restaurants and chefs. We are amazed time and time again by the incredible talent, innovation and dedication of our clients. Unfortunately, the hospitality industry is u… Read More
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