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Attorney at Law Magazine Acknowledges GYH Collaboration with Dr. Ted Bromund

Attorney at Law Magazine announced the new collaboration between GYH's International Protection Practice and Interpol authority Dr. Ted R. Bromund of Bromund Expert Witness Services.

International Protection Practice advises clients from around the world whose human rights are being threatened by corrupt or authoritarian political regimes, misuse of the Interpol system, or other abuses of power.

Becki Young recognized as Top Business Immigration Lawyer by Business Today

Co-Managing Partner, Becki Young, was recognized by Business Today as one of the "Top 10 Most Influential Immigration Business Lawyers in the USA, 2023." The publication specifically acknowledges Becki's work with the hospitality industry and nonprofit sector.

Latte with a Lawyer features Becki Young

Latte with a Lawyer podcast speaks to GYH Partner Becki Young about all things immigration law! What are an immigration lawyer’s thoughts on immigration reform? What is it like to be an immigration lawyer? How does the political arena impact daily practice? Listen in to learn what has been most surprising and rewarding throughout Becki’s 30 legal year career.

Listen here:

All GYH Partners included in the 2022 Washingtonian Top Lawyers list!

We are elated to ring in the new year with the exciting news that all four GYH Partners were recognized again in Washingtonian Magazine’s Top Lawyers list for Immigration! We are proud to claim the most listed partners of any firm in the immigration category. Washingtonian’s prestigious “Washington DC’s Top Lawyers” directory is released every two years and includes Washington’s top legal talent, as voted by area lawyers.

Congratulations Becki Young, Sandra Grossman, Meg Hobbins and Patrick Taurel for this meaningful recognition!

De Ware Tijd interviews Meg Hobbins about Gilmore Hoefdraad

Surinamese Newspaper De Ware Tijd interviewed Partner Meg Hobbins regarding the due process rights of her client, former Minister of Finance in Suriname, Gilmore Hoefdraad.

"If Mr Hoefdraad does not get access to the courts in his own country, he will be entitled and well positioned to pursue his claims internationally," says Hobbins.

Meg Hobbins advocates for clients denied due process in their home countries. She creatively assesses the most effective avenues for clients to access justice, regularly representing clients before Interpol, The United Nations Higher Commission on Refugees (UNHCR), and the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention.

Ocean Drive highlights Sandra Grossman

This Hispanic Heritage Month, GYH celebrates and honors its work with attorneys and clients in Miami, a city enriched by its 70% Hispanic population. GYH attorneys also share a personal connection to the Hispanic population and immigrant community at large.
In the latest issue of Miami publiction Ocean Drive, GYH Partner Sandra Grossman is spotlighted for her work in international human rights. She writes, “I’m an immigrant to the United States myself. My parents were political refugees from the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile and were forced to immigrate. I arrived in the U.S. when I was 8 and later became a U.S. citizen. My background as an immigrant allows me to understand first-hand the importance of competent and compassionate legal advice. At the same time, I’m keenly aware of the contributions immigrants make and the challenges that they face. I believe everyone deserves a chance at a better life.”

DC Magazine Spotlights GYH Partners as Dynamic Women

GYH Co-Managing Partners, Becki Young and Sandra Grossman, were featured in DC Magazine's Dynamic Women spotlight this week. We are honored to be recognized alongside such remarkable women.

View the feature here.

New Attorneys at Grossman Young - Media Coverage

Major local and legal publications published articles covering the exciting expansion at GYH.

Attorney at Law Magazie:

Maryland Daily Record:


Law360 (subscription required):

Internationally recognized immigration law firm Grossman Young & Hammond expanded in critical practice areas with the addition of new partner Patrick Taurel, as head of the firm’s Federal Litigation practice, and of counsel attorneys David Morris and Sheryl Winarick.

Taurel focuses on litigating complex immigration cases in federal and immigration court and advising criminal defense counsel on the immigration consequences of criminal convictions. He brings more than a decade of experience as an advocate for immigrants, having worked for impactful non-profit immigrant rights organizations and leading immigration practices, including, most recently, the American Civil Liberties Union, the American Immigration Council, and Clark Hill PLC.

Taurel received his Juris Doctor from Brooklyn Law School and his Bachelor of Arts from Brown University.

For the past 20 years, Morris has represented foreign investors and regional centers in all aspects of the EB-5 investor visa program and has served as an expert witness on EB-5 legal issues in state and federal court. He is continually recognized as one of the “Top 25 Attorneys in the EB-5 Industry” by EB5 Investor Magazine.

Morris also created and co-owns the DC Regional Center LLC, a regional center entity designated by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in 2011, through which Morris has raised and deployed more than $400 million of EB-5 funds from 800 investors to help finance large commercial real estate development projects in the Washington region.

Morris is a regular speaker at major EB-5 industry conferences and is widely published, including as the senior editor of the leading EB-5 legal book in the field, “AILA Immigration Options for Investors & Entrepreneurs.” Morris received his Juris Doctor from the University of Dayton School of Law and a Bachelor of Science in political science from the University of New York College at Buffalo.

Winarick joins GYH as an attorney and a facilitator of meaningful discourse and connection. For more than 20 years, she has creatively helped individuals, families, businesses and organizations maximize their potential in the United States. She represents and advises clients on a wide range of immigration matters, including employment and family-based cases, consular processing, J1 waivers and naturalization.

As a TED resident, Winarick spent three months in 2016 at the TED office in New York incubating a project to elevate and inform the conversation about migrants and refugees. Since then, she has collaborated with TEDx organizers and other community leaders around the world to build bridges and deepen connection in their local communities through personal story-sharing.

Winarick received her J.D. from the George Washington University Law School and her Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University.

PDF of Press Release

Interpol’s New Leadership Demonstrates Lack of Will for Reform

by, Sandra Grossman and Ted Bromund

In their recent article in The National Interest, Sandra Grossman and Ted Bromund discuss the troubling election of new INTERPOL president Ahmed Naser al-Raisi, a UAE general facing credible accusations of torture. INTERPOL is frequently criticized by human rights activists for its propensity to be manipulated and abused by dictatorial and autocratic nations. The election of al-Raisi has done little qwell those concerns. Grossman and Bromund also explore the obligation of the U.S. to be a leader in maintaining the integrity of INTERPOL, starting with the TRAP Act.

LA Times Quotes Sandra Grossman on INTERPOL Abuse Case

The Los Angeles Times published an article last week detailing the case of a Guatemalan pastor, Hugo Gomez, who has been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) since 2019 based on an unsubstantiated Red Notice. The article uses this case to shed light on the little-known but troubling situation of INTERPOL Abuse. Unfortunately, situations like Gomez' are all too common. Autocratic, corrupt or unstable governments sometimes use INTERPOL's system to issue Red Notices for people they see as in conflict with their regimes, such as political dissidents, activists, business tycoons, etc. In the U.S. ICE often treats these Red Notices as arrest warrants, even though INTERPOL clearly states in its constitution that a Red Notice alone is not grounds for an arrest. Partner, Sandra Grossman, was quoted by the LA Times stating,

"Using red notices for predominantly political, military, racial or religious reasons is against Interpol’s constitution. But some countries, including Russia, Venezuela and China, are known for deploying red notices against political opponents who flee persecution,"... “ICE does their bidding for them by putting these individuals into deportation proceedings."

Becki Young speaks to SHRM's All Things Work Podcast

Becki Young joined SHRM’s All Things Work podcast to discuss how employment-based immigration is changing under the new Biden administration and upcoming changes to the rules and procedures that guide how workers move to and from the U.S. for employment. Listen in:

CNN Chile Speaks to Grossman about Trump's Attitude towards Immigrants

CNN Chile interviewed Sandra Grossman about measures the Trump administration has taken to limit benefits for immigrants coming to the U.S. and the way the administration stirs up fear about immigrants by indulging racist ideologies. Grossman was questioned in response to president Trump's decision to declare November 1 as "Commemorative Day for Americans killed by illegal aliens." Trump has been widely criticized for the initiative, which opponents call blatantly racist and xenophobic.

Watch the interview: here.

Grossman talks to CNN Espanol about Missing Migrant Parents

In this CNN Español interview with Anchor Gabriela Frias, GYH Partner Sandra Grossman shares her views on the 545 children who remain separated from their parents due to the 2017 pilot program secretly instituted by the Trump administration. What are the legal remedies for these children? What are their rights while they remain in the United States? Can the Trump administration be held legally accountable for these continuing separations? Sandra discusses lawsuits filed by Southern Poverty Law Center and the ACLU to answer some of these questions. For more information on how you can support these organizations and the important work they are doing, please visit their websites and donate. (Interview in Spanish)

Se buscan: padres de 545 menores de edad que fueron separados en Estados Unidos. Revisamos las imlicaciones legales de este drama humano con la abogada Sandra Grossman.

POLITICO speaks to Sandra Grossman about INTERPOL Abuse

INTERPOL abuse and Red Notice-based targeting and detention of foreign nationals by U.S. immigration authorities is garnering increased attention. POLITICO's recent article summarizes the troubling case of a Russian national detained for 18 months due to a politically-motivated Red Notice, ironically issued by Russia in response the man's thesis paper about corruption in the Russian economy.
Politico contacted Sandra Grossman for comment. “We are in an enforcement atmosphere, but ironically ICE is actually not applying what the law and policy is." The article continues, "Grossman said that while the problem in the U.S. begins with ICE, which does not appear to have a strong vetting mechanism in place to gauge the legitimacy of these Red Notices, immigration judges also have “a fundamental lack of understanding about what a Red Notice is or isn't. It’s not an international arrest warrant or conclusive evidence of criminality.”
For more information about GYH's INTERPOL Abuse, click here.

Quince Restaurant H-1B Lawsuit Covered by Law360

Law360 published an article covering a Lawsuit filed by Becki Young on behalf of client, Quince Restaurant, a three-star Michelin establishment. The lawsuit claims that when USCIS denied the H-1B petition for accountant, Longqi Kang, it ignored the Immigration and Nationality Act's provision allowing for degree equivalents. Becki Young told Law360, "The current administration is just trying to find any reason to deny H-1B cases, even if it means blatantly disregarding its own regulations or blatantly disregarding evidence." This is among the latest of several lawsuits alleging USCIS has been "unreasonable and unlawful" in its denials of H-1Bs petitions.

Calf. Restaurant Says Gov't Ignored Evidence For Work Visa, Law360, July, 14, 2020. (Becki Young quoted as the attorney in this lawsuit)

Law360 published article about H-1B worker paycuts amid the Pandemic, authored by Denise Hammond and Yeon Me Kim

The attorneys originally wrote the article to address clients' questions about compliance during the Coronavirus pandemic, advising that the Fraud and National Security Division of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is likely to see payment of less than the I-129 rate as an H-1B violation and could expose employers to back-pay liability under Department of Labor regulations.

Before Denise and Yeon Me submitted their article, another attorney published an article on the topic, which took a more relaxed stance on how to handle H-1B wages during the pandemic. Denise and Yeon Me revised their article, which was then published by Law360 as a rebuttal to the original perspective.

GYH's rebuttal and stance on H-1B wage compliance during the pandemic is available here: Risks Of Including H-1B Workers In Companywide Pay Cuts

Pandemic Creates Roadblocks During H-1B Visa Cycle, Law360, April 3, 2020 (Becki Young quoted).

The Coronavirus pandemic is creating major obstacles for employers seeking to hire foreign workers under H-1B specialty occupation visas. Employers are already challenged with predicting future hiring needs and filing petitions remotely. Law360 reached out to GYH Managing Partner Becki Young for comment on its recent article, "Pandemic Creates Roadblocks During H-1B Visa Cycle."

Becki Young shared examples of fitness company client that opted not to proceed with a planned H-1B sponsorship after it was forced to close and restaurant and hospitality sector clients calling to find out whether they can lay off, furlough or cut hours for employees on H-1B visas.

Law360 requires a subscription to view many of its articles.

Becki Young Interviewed by Tech Target about Record H-1B Petitions Despite Pandemic

This year, the United States Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS) rolled out a new electronic pre-registration system for H-1B petitions, bringing in a record 275,000 H-1B petitions, a 37% increase over last year. While the pre-registration process clearly makes it easier for firms to apply for the H-1B lottery, this boon was fleeting. Many of these visa petitions were filed before the Coronavirus pandemic was in full effect, causing many business to shutter and, in many cases, terminate or furlough employees. The question now is whether employers will proceed with H-1B applications or drop their plans for visa sponsorship.

Tech Target asked GYH Managing Partner Becki Young for her expert opinion.

"[Some businesses that] are currently shut down or operating at partial capacity have asked us to proceed with their cases," said Young. "That's because some employers have sponsored H-1B work visa holders with unique skills to fill special roles. The clients have often invested substantial resources into recruiting these individuals, and don't want to lose them."

Full article here.

Washington City Paper speaks to Becki Young Regarding the Plight of Immigrant Restaurant Workers Amidst the Pandemic

The plight of restaurant workers and other hospitality employees amidst the Coronavirus pandemic has been all over the news. Less discussed are the compounded struggles of the large percentage of those hospitality workers who are also immigrants. For those eligible for unemployment, is it even advisable that they apply, considering the recent roll-out of the new Public Charge Rule?

GYH Managing Partner, Becki Young, explained to Washington City Paper how lawyers are divided on the subject. “Everybody who applies for a temporary visa has to answer a question about if they’ve ever collected public benefits,” Young says. “My colleagues and I are still concerned that USCIS and the federal government have a huge amount of discretion.”

For the full article and Becki's complete commentary, click here.

Becki Young Speaks to Law360 about Loosened I-9 Requirements due to Virus

Last week, the federal government announced it is loosening certain in-person form and document review requirement for employment eligibility verification. Employers are permitted to review I-9 eligibility documents electronically if their organization is teleworking due to the COVID-19 emergency. Typically, employers are required to review the original documents in person. Now, employers will be expected to conduct the in-person review once normal business operations resume. The agency also gave employers an additional 60 days to respond to audits if they were served with a notice of inspection in March, saving employers and their attorneys from having to collect physical documents when the CDC is urging Americans to stay home.

Last week, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) also announced that it is suspending its premium processing requirement and temporarily issued a waiver allowing reproduced signatures on documents previously requiring original, "wet" signatures.

Law360 reached out to Becki Young for input on these temporary changes. "I think this will be a huge relief," said Young of the signature waiver. "This is what we've been hoping for all week." She also warned foreign nationals that, in light of recent events, green card applications may take longer than expected.

If you have a Law360 membership, you may view the full article here.

"Feds Relax In-Person Rules For I-9, Visa Forms Due To Virus," Law360, March 17, 2020 (Beck Young quoted).

Becki Young speaks to Law360 Regarding the Premium Processing Suspension for H-1B Visas

USCIS announced on March 16th, days before its first ever electronic preregistration period was scheduled to close, that is is temporarily suspending premium processing for all H-1B visas until the end of May at the latest. Law360 reached out to GYH Managing Partner, Becki Young, for insights into the impacts of this suspension on employers.

"This is not a big deal. That's just business as usual for USCIS," said Young... "If they were to expand the premium processing freeze to other categories, that
would definitely create more issues."

Premium processing remains available to workers who already have H-1B visas and are applying for extensions. Young noted, however, that too could
face suspension in light of public health concerns stemming from COVID-19, which are already presenting staffing concerns for companies across all industries.

If you have a Law360 membership, you can view the full article here.

"USCIS Pauses Fast-Tracked Processing for H-1B Visas," Law360, March 17, 2020. (Becki Young quoted)

General Counsel News covers Meg Hobbins' promotion, a aggregator of news and announcements for general counsel, executives, other in-house attorneys and private practice attorneys throughout the United States, reported Meg Hobbins' promotion to Partner in its Law Firm and Lawyer accolades section last week. To see the full announcement, click here.

Attorney at Law Magazine acknowledges Meg Hobbins' promotion to Partner

January 24, 2020

News of Meg Hobbins' promotion to Partner was published today in Attorney at Law Magazine. The press release noted Meg's distinction as the first ever attorney in GYH history to make partner and outlined her extensive experience with family-based and humanitarian immigration issues, consular processing, INTERPOL red notices and more.

For the full press release, click here.

Sandra Grossman’s article on INTERPOL abuse and the TRAP Act published in the Federalist Society Review.

January 10, 2020

Today, the Federalist Society published an article, co-authored by Sandra Grossman and Ted Bromund (The Heritage Foundation), regarding the abuse of INTERPOL, its extensive threat to human rights, and the importance of the Transnational Repression Accountability and Prevention (TRAP) Act to prevent and diminish this serious abuse of power.

Repressive regimes, particularly in Russia, China, Turkey, and Venezuela, use Interpol to issue illegitimate Red Notices and diffusions against political opponents. The effect of this abuse can be severe and infringes on the due process and human rights of those who fall victim. Interpol abuse subverts the legal sovereignty of the United States by allowing authoritarian regimes to use U.S. legal proceedings to define their political opponents as criminals, and then to punish these political opponents or even have them imprisoned in the United States.

To understand the problem of Interpol abuse, it is important to first understand what Interpol actually is. Hollywood portrays Interpol as an international police agency with the power to investigate crimes and make arrests around the globe. In reality, Interpol has no ability to conduct investigations or make arrests. In fact, Interpol’s constitution strictly prohibits it from any involvement in political, racial, religious, or military affairs. Interpol is akin to a bulletin board on which the world’s police forces can post their own, national wanted notices.

The TRAP Act is framed as a response to the problem of transnational repression. It requires that the U.S. use its “voice, vote, and influence . . . within INTERPOL’s General Assembly and Executive Committee to . . . improv[e] the transparency of INTERPOL and ensur[e] its operation consistent with its Constitution.” While the TRAP Act does not address every kind of Interpol abuse, it makes a valuable contribution to shedding light on the issue. It also requires the U.S. to adopt processes to strengthen accountability and transparency within Interpol, thus limiting abuse at its source.

To read the complete article, click here.

Sandra Grossman writes on INTERPOL abuse and the TRAP ACT

November 26, 2019

Sandra Grossman offered an attorney’s perspective on INTERPOL abuse and the TRAP Act for AILA's "Think Immigration" blog.

“[INTERPOL] is a necessary and valuable law enforcement agency… However, its system of color-coded notices and diffusions… has become increasingly subject to abuse by autocratic regimes. Countries such as Russia, China, Turkey, and Venezuela, among others, have successfully manipulated INTERPOL to persecute dissidents abroad and manufacture immigration violations in the United States.”

Sandra’s testimony before the U.S. Helsinki Commission advocated for the passage of the TRAP Act which, if passed, would put in place crucial monitoring mechanisms and safeguards to address INTERPOL abuse, including enhanced transparency and accountability.

Find out why you should care too.

Could proposed U.S. law end abuse of Interpol red notices?, Ahval, September 9, 2019. (Sandra Grossman mentioned)

Hiring Is Very Hard for Restaurants These Days. Now They May Have to Fire.., The New York Times, August 23, 2019 (Becki Young quoted).

Scientific research is collateral damage as US-China relationship hits the rocks, The Straights Times, June 6, 3019. (Becki Young quoted)

How to Respond to Social Security No-Match Letters, SHRM, May 15, 2019 (Becki Young quoted).

Social Security No-Match Letters Worry Immigrants, Bosses, Bloomberg Law, May 7, 2019 (Becki Young quoted).

Trump's H-1B work visa plan cuts employers' costs, not criticism,, February 6, 2019. (Becki Young quoted)

H-1B Visa Lottery System Reversed, SHRM, January 31, 2019. (Becki Young quoted)

H-1B Rule Rollout Leaves Time To Work Out Kinks Time To Work Out Kinks, Law 360, January 31, 2019. (Becki Young quoted)

The Current State of U.S. Immigration Law and Policy, Inside Washington on Middle East Broadcasting/Alhurra TV, December 7, 2018. (Becki Young interviewed)

Fastcase Partners with the American Immigration Lawyers Association to Publish New Journal, Markets Insider, October 31, 2018. (Becki Young selected as inaugural member of Editorial Board)

'Premium Processing' Freeze Causes H-1B Hiring Hurdles, Law 360, September 10, 2018. (Becki Young quoted)

Employers Seeking Visas May Tangle With Labor Dept. Over Wages (Corrected), Bloomberg Law, June 11, 2018. (Becki Young quoted)

Cos. Face Unpredictability As Extension Deference Ends, Law360, October 26, 2017. (Becki Young quoted)

Finding Time for Pro Bono, Practice Management article by Erika Winston, Washington Lawyer Magazine, October 2017 issue. (Becki Young quoted)

U.S. Grants Asylum To Amos Yee, Young Blogger From Singapore,, September 27, 2017. (Sandra Grossman quoted)

The Administration’s decision to rescind the entrepreneurial parole provision, Price of Business, July 17, 2017. (Becki Young interviewed)

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Completing Form I-9, SHRM, June 27, 2017. (Becki Young interviewed)

Business Immigration Mostly Untouched by New Travel Ban Standard, Bloomberg Law, June 27, 2017. (Becki Young quoted)

Harder for skilled Singaporeans to live, work overseas, May 2, 2017. (Becki Young quoted)

U.S. judge grants Singaporean blogger's asylum request,, March 24, 2017. (Sandra Grossman quoted)

3 Reasons Restaurant Sales Plummeted in February, QSR (Quick Service Restaurant Magazine) March 10, 2017. (Becki Young quoted)

Here's What's Really On Silicon Valley's Mind Regarding Immigration, Forbes, February 27, 2017. (Becki Young quoted)

The Impact of a Day Without Immigrants, FSR Magazine, Food News Media article, February 16, 2017. (Becki Young quoted)

Video Blogger Who Tested Singapore’s Limits Seeks U.S. Asylum, NY Times, December 28, 2016. (Sandra Grossman quoted)

BigLaw Reacts To Trump's Election To The White House, Law360, November 9, 2016. (Becki Young quoted)

What you Need to Know About Immigration Law - Price of Business, YouTube, Feb. 22, 2016. (Becki Young interviewed)

Four Maryland Immigration Lawyers Join Forces, The National Law Journal, Legal Times, Dec. 7, 2015.

Positive decision on segregability in FOIA cases, July 30, 2015 (Sandra Grossman and Rachel Zoghlin quoted)

Initial asylum related FOIA victory in Mezerhane de Schnapp vs USCIS, July 18, 2014. (Sandra Grossman and Rachel Zoghlin quoted)

Immigration Reform Proposals & Potential Impact on Hospitality Industry, Biz Asia America/CCTV News, April 23, 2013. (Becki Young interviewed)

Grossman was frequently quoted in articles relating to Grossman Law client, Journalist Emilio Palacio. Ms. Grossman prepared Mr. Palacio's successful asylum claim, which was based on the political persecution he suffered in Ecuador, including a three-year jail sentence and a penalty of $40 million dollars for criticizing Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa:

Will Immigration Officers Continue to Undermine Obama's Reforms?, The New Republic (Nov. 2, 2011). (Sandra Grossman quoted)

Obama's policy on Venezuela leaves Chavez's victims paying price, The Washington Post (Oct. 30, 2011). (Sandra Grossman quoted)

"Vetting E-Verify," QSR (Quick Service Restaurant Magazine), October 2009. (Becki Young quoted)

Press Releases and Announcements

2023 Women in Law Awards Recognize Sandra Grossman

Co-Managing Partner Sandra Grossman is proud to be named Immigration Lawyer of the Year (USA), in the 2023 Women in Law Awards published by Lawyer Monthly.

View her spotlight here:

London, 01/11/23 — Lawyer Monthly proudly announces the 2023 Women in Law Awards, a prestigious recognition celebrating the outstanding achievements and dedication of female legal professionals who are shaping the future of law and blazing trails for future generations.

The honourees, encapsulate the innovation, leadership, and excellence that the Women in Law Awards seek to acknowledge. They have significantly influenced not just their practice areas but also the wider community, inspiring the next generation of women to chase their legal ambitions with fervour and determination.

Lawyer Monthly invites the public and those from the wider legal community to join in honouring the remarkable achievements of these legal professionals and to celebrate the continued advancement of women in law.

For more information on the 2023 Women in Law Awards and to explore the stories of these influential women, visit:

Grossman Young & Hammond LLC Ranked by Best Law Firms® in 2024

August 24, 2023 -- Grossman Young & Hammond LLC has been recognized in the 2024 edition of Best Law Firms®, ranked by Best Lawyers®, nationally in immigration and regionally in immigration.

Firms included in the 2024 Best Law Firms® list are recognized for professional excellence with persistently impressive ratings from clients and peers. To be considered for this milestone achievement, at least one lawyer in the law firm must be recognized in the 2024 edition of The Best Lawyers in America®.

Achieving a tiered ranking in Best Law Firms® on a national and/or metropolitan scale signals a unique credibility within the industry. The transparent, collaborative research process employs qualitative and quantitative data from peer and client reviews that is supported by proprietary algorithmic technology to produce a tiered system of industry-led rankings of the top 4% of the industry.

Receiving a tier designation represents an elite status, integrity and reputation that law firms earn among other leading firms and lawyers. The 2024 edition of  Best Law Firms® includes rankings in 75 national practice areas and 127 metropolitan-based practice areas. Additionally, one "Law Firm of the Year" was named in each nationally ranked practice area.

Grossman Young & Hammond LLC received the following rankings in the 2024 Best Law Firms®:

  • National Tier 1
    • Immigration Law
  • Regional Tier 1
    • Washington, D.C.
      • Immigration Law

4 Grossman Young & Hammond LLC Lawyers Named to 2024 Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch® in America

August 24, 2023 -- Grossman Young & Hammond LLC is pleased to announce that 4 lawyers have been included in the 2024 edition of Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch® in America.

Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch in America recognizes associates and other lawyers who are earlier in their careers for their outstanding professional excellence in private practice in the United States.

"The unparalleled methodology of Best Lawyers ensures the value and esteem of our legal rankings through both our traditional awards and our expanded 'Ones to Watch' accolades," said Best Lawyers CEO Phillip Greer. "Clients trust Best Lawyers as a credible and reliable way to identify the most elite lawyers, and it is with great pride that we continue to provide this valued service in the country."

Lawyers recognized in Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch in America are divided by geographic region and practice areas. Candidates can only be considered for one recognition at a time, either "Ones to Watch" or traditional Best Lawyers awards. "Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch" is not a seed list to "The Best Lawyers" and all hopeful candidates must be nominated, vetted by their peers and undergo an authentication process before they are recognized by Best Lawyers. Lawyers are not required nor allowed to pay a fee to be listed; therefore, recognition by Best Lawyers is considered a singular distinction.

Grossman Young & Hammond LLC would like to congratulate the following lawyers recognized in the 2024 edition of Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch in America:

Denise C. Hammond Named 2024 Best Lawyers® "Lawyer of the Year" in the Washington, D.C. Area.

August 24, 2023 -- Grossman Young & Hammond LLC attorney Denise C. Hammond was recently recognized by Best Lawyers as the 2024 "Lawyer of the Year" for Immigration Law.

Only a single lawyer in each practice area and designated metropolitan area is honored as the "Lawyer of the Year," making this a significant and coveted accolade. These lawyers are selected based on particularly impressive voting averages received during the peer review assessments.

Receiving this designation reflects the high level of respect a lawyer has earned among other leading lawyers in the same communities and the same practice areas for their abilities, their professionalism and their integrity.

For more than four decades, Best Lawyers has assisted those in need of legal services to identify the lawyers best qualified to represent them in distant jurisdictions or unfamiliar specialties. Lawyers are not required nor allowed to pay a fee to be listed; therefore, recognition by Best Lawyers is considered a singular distinction.

5 Grossman Young & Hammond LLC Lawyers Recognized as Best Lawyers® Award Recipients

August 24, 2023 -- Grossman Young & Hammond LLC is pleased to announce that 5 lawyers have been included in the 2024 edition of The Best Lawyers in America®. Since it was first published in 1983, Best Lawyers has become universally regarded as the definitive guide to legal excellence.

"For more than 40 years, the rigorous methodology of Best Lawyers has ensured the integrity and esteem of our legal recognitions," said Best Lawyers CEO Phillip Greer. "It is with great pleasure that we continue to provide potential clients with the pinnacle measurement of credibility through our Best Lawyers awards as they search for counsel."

Best Lawyers has earned the respect of the profession, the media and the public as the most reliable, unbiased source of legal referrals. Its first international list was published in 2006 and since then has grown to provide lists in more than 75 countries.

Lawyers on The Best Lawyers in America list are divided by geographic region and practice areas. They are reviewed by their peers based on professional expertise and undergo an authentication process to make sure they are in current practice and in good standing.

Grossman Young & Hammond LLC would like to congratulate the following lawyers named to 2024 The Best Lawyers in America list:

About Best Lawyers

Best Lawyers is the oldest and most respected lawyer ranking service in the world. For 40 years, Best Lawyers has assisted those in need of legal services to identify the lawyers best qualified to represent them in distant jurisdictions or unfamiliar specialties. Best Lawyers awards are published in leading local, regional and national publications across the globe.

Lawyers who are nominated for consideration are voted on by currently recognized Best Lawyers working in the same practice area and located in the same geographic region. Our awards and recognitions are based purely on the feedback we receive from these top lawyers. Those who receive high peer reviews undergo a thorough verification process to make sure they are currently still in private practice. Only then can these top lawyers be recognized by Best Lawyers.

GYH Recognized in Chambers 2023

Chambers & Partners, the world’s premier legal ranking system, has again recognized Grossman Young & Hammond for its outstanding work in the field of immigration law. The firm as whole, as well as its partners, received their highest ever rankings in both the U.S. and Global Guides. Chambers surveyed the firm’s clients and colleagues for commentary on the strengths and skills of the firm and its attorneys. Here’s what they had to say about our partners:

Becki Young acts on the full gamut of business immigration issues and often represents clients in the hospitality sector, for whom she remains a go-to name.”

“Becki is thorough, thoughtful and customer service driven.”

“Becki is simply the best.”

Sandra Grossman is recognized for her skilled handling of immigration matters relating to issues of asylum and deportation. A significant part of her practice involves representing clients before INTERPOL.”

“Sandra is approachable and service-oriented, and her knowledge of immigration law is top-notch. She is the go-to immigration lawyer, and is sensitive matters with significant international law implications.”

“She is a leader in Interpol defense.”

Meg Hobbins is a rising star in the immigration field, particularly noted for her expertise in matters relating to INTERPOL Red Notices.”

“She is a true expert in US immigration law, regulations, and strategy, while also being very responsive and efficient.”

GYH Rankings:

USA – District of Columbia

  • Firmwide: Band-2
  • Becki Young: Band-2
  • Sandra Grossman: Band-3
  • Denise Hammond: Senior Statespeople
  • Meg Hobbins: Up and Coming

USA – Nationwide

  • Firmwide: Band-4
  • Becki Young: Band-3
  • Sandra Grossman: Band-3
  • Denise Hammond: Senior Statespeople


  • Firmwide: Band-4
  • Becki Young: Band-3
  • Sandra Grossman: Band-3

INTERPOL Vindicates Mr. Gillmore Hoefdraad, Suriname’s Former Minister of Finance, Rescinding Suriname’s Illegitimate Red Notice Request

Mr. Gillmore Hoefdraad, former Minister of Finance (2015-2020) and president of the Central Bank of Suriname (2010-2015), has been the target of illegitimate, politically motivated charges since his party lost national elections in 2020. Mr. Hoefdraad left a career with the International Monetary Fund, assisting distressed economies around the world, to serve his home country. The government of Suriname wrongly criminalized good faith policy decisions made by Mr. Hoefdraad and the prior administration during a financial crisis that deepened with the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on charges that were previously rejected by Suriname’s National Assembly, Mr. Hoefdraad was convicted in absentia, in a case lacking fundamental due process protections. In a decisive recognition of Suriname’s illegitimate prosecution of Mr. Hoefdraad, INTERPOL has rescinded the Red Notice requested by Suriname that sought his detention and extradition.

On April 14, 2022, INTERPOL issued a detailed, 11-page decision confirming that Suriname’s prosecution of Mr. Hoefdraad is politically motivated and in violation of INTERPOL’s Constitution. INTERPOL’s decision vindicates Mr. Hoefdraad as a victim of political persecution, whose human rights have been repeatedly violated by Suriname’s government. This decision confirms that Suriname has no evidence of self-enrichment, yet still proceeded with nonsensical embezzlement charges arguing that the State alone benefited from Mr. Hoefdraad’s actions as finance minister. INTERPOL found the charges against Mr. Hoefdraad seriously concerning and lacking in the clarity required by its Constitution and rules.

Partner Meg Hobbins represents Mr. Hoefdraad before INTERPOL and has also assisted with his claims before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. In response to INTERPOL’s decision, Ms. Hobbins states: “Mr. Hoefdraad has suffered immeasurable personal and professional harm stemming from Suriname’s politically motivated charges. We wholeheartedly welcome this decision from INTERPOL, which carefully weighed the extensive evidence in this matter and came down decisively in Mr. Hoefdraad’s favor.”

Grossman Young & Hammond defends individuals who are targeted by persecutory Red Notices and seek justice before the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL’s Files and international human rights bodies. GYH supports efforts to stop INTERPOL abuse worldwide.

Please contact Meg Hobbins at with press inquiries related to this matter.

AILA Honors Sandra Grossman with Award for Excellence in Advancing the Practice of Immigration Law

Grossman Young & Hammond proudly announces that Partner Sandra Grossman, is to receive the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) 2022 Edith Lowenstein Memorial Award for excellence in advancing the practice of immigration law. AILA is the national association of more than 15,000 attorneys and law professors who practice and teach immigration law. AILA’s Annual Awards are the highest recognition of achievement and contributions in the national immigration law community.

“I am absolutely honored to accept this award. I am grateful to AILA for its support and continuing commitment to immigrant rights...” says Grossman.

She continues, “This award is immensely meaningful to me. Over a decade ago I began to understand the issue of INTERPOL abuse within the immigration law space when I witnessed many of my Venezuelan clients suffering the effect of persecutory red notices. All too often, U.S. enforcement agencies and immigration courts treat red notices as conclusive evidence of criminality, which they are not. This practice must stop. I remain committed to educating the bar about the issue of persecutory red notices and hope this award will help draw further attention to this issue.”

“Personally, this recognition is also deeply meaningful. I am an immigrant to the U.S. myself and my parents were political refugees from the Pinochet dictatorship. It was only through hard work and perseverance that they overcame significant cultural, linguistic, social, and economic challenges. The story of my parents and so many other clients show that immigrants are the future, a driving force to drive propel us forward. The more we can do to incorporate and support immigrants the stronger a nation we will become.”

The 2022 AILA Annual Awards will be presented during the immigration bar’s most anticipated event of the year: the 2022 AILA Annual Conference, to be held on June 16th in New York City.

Last year, the Firm’s other Co-Managing Partner, Becki Young, was acknowledged by AILA with the 2021 President’s Commendation for Outstanding Volunteer Service.

A full list of 2022 AILA Awards recipients is here.

Congratulations to Sandra!

PDF of Announcement

Chambers Global Recognizes Grossman Young & Hammond

Chambers & Partners recognized Grossman Young & Hammond's Business Immigration practice and leadership in the release of its 2022 Chambers Global guide. While Chambers USA has ranked Grossman Young & Hammond and its partners for years, this was the first time Sandra Grossman and the Business Immigration Practice have been included in Chambers Global. This is the second year Becki Young was ranked in the Global guide.

Chambers identifies the best law firms globally, whether they are multi-national or boutique. This prestigious guide is based on in-depth research ranks the top lawyers and law firms in over 200 jurisdictions across the world.

Best Lawyers names Becki Young as Lawyer of the Year, recognizes GYH

Accolades abound! GYH and its attorneys received impressive recognition by Best Lawyers 2022. For the first time, Becki Young, Partner, was recognized as 2022 Lawyer of the Year in Immigration Law (Washington, DC). Lawyer of the Year recognitions are awarded to individual lawyers with the highest overall peer-feedback for a specific practice area and geographic region. Only one lawyer is recognized as the "Lawyer of the Year" for each specialty and location.

Sandra Grossman, Partner, and Denise Hammond, Senior Counsel, were also listed as Best Lawyers in Washington, D.C. Immigration Law. For the second year in a row, Attorney Yeon Me Kim was recognized on Best Lawyers’ “Ones to Watch” list. Thanks to the efforts of all our attorneys and staff, Grossman Young & Hammond was also recognized by Best Law Firms 2022.
Congratulations to Becki, Sandra, Denise, Yeon Me and all the rest of our team for this well-deserved recognition! We are deeply proud of our entire GYH team for their tenacious and passionate work.

Washingtonian Best Lawyers List Recognizes GYH Partners

GYH is proud to announce that Partners Sandra Grossman, Becki Young and Meg Hobbins, were included in
Washingtonian's Washington DC's Best Lawyers List 2020. The prestigious list, released every two years, is a directory of top attorneys in the DC metro area, as voted by area lawyers. Congratulations to our deserving attorneys, especially Meg Hobbins, who was included for the first time this year!

Photo by Jose M. on Unsplash

What will the 2020 Presidential Election mean for international law?

This free online series, hosted by the American Society for International Law (ASIL), features expert panelists discussing the U.S. immigration system and laws, as well as recent executive actions, in light of international laws and norms. Panelists representing both parties will analyze positions and policies of the two U.S. presidential candidates, as they seek to “fix” U.S. immigration law, policy, and practice.

The discussion will cover immigration enforcement matters, including especially extraterritorial detention centers, refugee camps, border walls, biometric screening and surveillance, family separation practices, and deportation practices. The panel will also discuss the implications of international law and norms for U.S. refugee and asylum law, policy, and practice.

Int'l Law and the 2020 Presidential Election--Session Four: Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor: US Approaches to immigration and asylum under international law


Thursday, October 8, 2020 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm





Leon Fresco, Holland & Knight LLP

Enrique Gonzalez, Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP

Sandra Grossman (moderator), Grossman Young & Hammond

Best Lawyers recognizes GYH Attorneys

Best Lawyers 2020, a division of U.S. News and World Report, recognized Denise Hammond and Becki Young as ‘Best Lawyers’ in Immigration Law for the 12th and 4th years respectively.

We are elated to announce that Yeon Me Kim was recognized in “Ones to Watch” for the first time this year. This new listing acknowledges excellence in attorneys who have been practicing for five to nine years.

Best Lawyers recognition is based entirely on peer review. Congratulations to our attorneys for the well-deserved accolades!

Best Lawyers Award Badge Best Lawyers Award Badge

The Legal 500 2020 Recognizes Becki Young & GYH for Leadership in Immigration

For the second year in a row, Becki Young was recognized by The Legal 500, a prestigious research-based ranking system for law firms, as a "Leading Lawyer" nationwide. Grossman Young & Hammond was also ranked as a Tier 3 firm in Immigration in the U.S., alongside numerous large, internationally-renowned firms. We are proud of all our attorneys and staff for their contributions to these humbling rankings.

The full Legal500 USA 2020 edition is available here.

Claudia Lainez named a "Rising Star" in Immigration by Super Lawyers 2020

Grossman Young & Hammond is proud to announce that Attorney, Claudia Lainez, was recognized in Super Lawyers Washington DC's 2020 list of Rising Stars. Super Lawyers is known for the credibility of its patented selection process and recognized Claudia based on her impressive ability to get results for her clients and to demonstrate compassion and dedication throughout her work.

Claudia defends individuals in removal proceedings and represents individuals in family-based visa petitions, a variety of waivers, such as J-1 and I-751 waivers, asylum matters, U and T visa petitions, naturalization applications, and petitions for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS), among others. She represents individuals before U.S. Immigration Courts, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Board of Immigration Appeals, and Maryland and Washington, DC family courts.

Congratulations, Claudia!

See the digital Rising Stars list here.

Sandra Grossman Helps Secure Asylum for Guatemalan Politician and Activist

Last month, Grossman Young & Hammond was thrilled by the approval of the asylum application for client Thelma Aldana. Ms. Aldana, former prosecutor general of Guatemala and presidential candidate, is internationally recognized for her work dismantling powerful criminal structures, and fearlessly investigating, exposing, and prosecuting corrupt high-profile government officials. In 2016, the U.S Secretary of State honored Ms. Aldana with the “International Women of Courage Award.”

Sandra Grossman, Partner, and Ms. Aldana met today, March 12, with Congressman Eliot Engel of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, who provided critical support to Ms. Aldana’s case, along with several other members of Congress. We hope Ms. Aldana will have the opportunity to continue her important work in the United States, for now, until she has a chance to rejoin her fellow Guatemalans in the fight for transparency and rule of law.

Grossman Young & Hammond, as well as the Congresspeople who supported Ms. Aldana's asylum petition, hope she will have the opportunity to continue her important work in the United States, for now, until she has a chance to rejoin her fellow Guatemalans in the fight for transparency and rule of law.

Changes in Leadership at GYH

To start the new year off, GYH is pleased to announce the promotion of two of its attorneys into new leadership positions.

Meg Hobbins, Partner

Meg Hobbins was promoted from Senior Attorney to Partner, making her the first attorney in GYH history to make Partner. Meg’s practice focuses on humanitarian and family-based immigration matters before U.S. consulates abroad, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the U.S. immigration courts, the Board of Immigration Appeals, and the federal courts. She also represents clients before INTERPOL to challenge politically-motivated Red Notices. Meg has proven herself as an outstanding advocate and litigator with well over a decade of experience in the field. In addition to her extensive experience with consular processing, inadmissibility waivers and family-based immigration, Meg spends considerable time seeking a variety of humanitarian forms of relief for her clients, including Asylum, Violence Against Women Act protection, visas for victims of trafficking and more. As part of her dedication to the humanitarian aspects of immigration, she dedicates substantial time to providing pro bono legal services to the most at-risk immigrants. In 2019, Meg spent two weeks at the Texas border volunteering with the Dilley Pro Bono Project, helping detained migrant mothers understand and prepare for their credible fear interviews.

“I am honored to take on the role of partner at Grossman Young and Hammond, a firm that tackles the most challenging immigration and international legal issues of our time,” says Hobbins. “With this new role and new decade ahead, I am excited to continue to advocate for our clients seeking justice before U.S. immigration agencies and INTERPOL.”

Meg’s dedication to her clients and to the firm helped make this first year a success. Her invaluable leadership amongst her colleagues makes her an ideal addition to GYH’s management team. We look forward to her continued contributions.

Rita McCarthy, Counsel

Rita McCarthy, one of GYH’s longest-standing employees, was promoted from Senior Attorney to Counsel in recognition of the critical guidance she offers her colleagues, her unwavering dedication to her clients, and the depth of her expertise.

Rita McCarthy, who joined the firm in 2006, focuses her practice that on business immigration issues for a vast range of corporate clients in the research, technology, and non-profit sectors, among others. Rita also counsels multinational managers, persons of extraordinary ability, foreign investors, and Canadian and Mexican professionals applying for TN status. Rita McCarthy began working in immigration in 1996, where she represented both business- and family-based immigration clients. She later moved on to Loyola University Medical Center, where she handled the business immigration needs of the institution, its physicians and scientists as well as served as the designated officer for J-1 and F-1 students. Rita has extensive experience in all aspects of employment based green cards, including PERM labor certification, immigrant visa petitions, adjustment of status, and consular processing.

“Grossman Young & Hammond has an amazing team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals and I am thankful to be a part of this respected law firm,” says McCarthy. “I started with Denise Hammond’s firm years ago and was present for her merger with Becki Young and the recent merger with Sandra Grossman. It’s exciting to be a part of such a dynamic and growing organization. I am proud to say that we continuously have provided outstanding legal services with excellent outcomes, despite the immigration turbulence of the last several years. GYH definitely is a rewarding place to work and I am looking forward to my new role as Counsel.”

Sandra Grossman speaks on the TRAP ACT and Interpol Abuse at the Heritage Foundation

On Tuesday, October 29th from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM Sandra Grossman is speaking as part of a panel of distinguished experts regarding Interpol abuse and the TRAP Act's potential to prevent it.

Interpol is a valuable partner in the fight against transnational crime and terrorism. But autocratic governments around the world have realized that they can manipulate Interpol’s system of alerts — especially its famous Red Notice — to harass journalists, political opponents, and businesspeople. This is part of the wider phenomenon of transnational repression, in which the long arm of international organizations and law is perverted for repressive purposes.

The bipartisan TRAP Act — the Transnational Repression Accountability and Prevention Act — introduced in the Senate and the House by the leaders of the U.S. Helsinki Commission, seeks to put the U.S. in the forefront of the fight against Interpol abuse.

Introductory Remarks by The Honorable Roger Wicker (R-MS),United States Senator and Co-Chairman of the U.S. Helsinki Commission

Followed by a Panel Discussion with:

  • Tom Firestone, Partner, Baker & McKenzie LLP
  • Sandra A. Grossman, Partner, Grossman Young & Hammond, Immigration Law, LLC
  • Thomas K. Ragland Member in Charge, Clark Hill PLC, Washington DC Office

Hosted by Ted Bromund, Ph.D. Senior Research Fellow, Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, The Heritage Foundation

The event is sponsored by the Heritage Foundation and is taking place at The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium at 214 Massachusetts Avenue, NE, Washington, DC 20002.

For the full invitation, click here.

GYH Founding Partner, Sandra Grossman, testified before the congressional, bi-partisan Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (the Helsinki Commission)

September 12, 2019

GYH Founding Partner, Sandra Grossman, testified before the congressional, bi-partisan Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (the Helsinki Commission), regarding the abuse of INTERPOL by autocratic governments. Her testimony focused on the mishandling of red notices by immigration officials, who frequently misconstrue them as arrest warrants despite a clear policy from DOJ that they do not meet the minimum standards for arrest under our constitution. Sandra’s full testimony is available here.

To learn more about the Helsinki Commission and Abuse of INTERPOL, click here.

Grossman Young & Hammond is pleased to announce the addition of Sofia Hassander to its business immigration practice group!

An immigrant herself, Sofia grew up in Sweden and worked as an attorney in Stockholm before moving to the United States to attend law school. Sofia earned law degrees both in the United States at Vanderbilt University Law School, and in Sweden at the University of Lund. Prior to joining Grossman Young & Hammond, Sofia worked as an immigration attorney at Erickson Immigration Group, specializing in international immigration and global mobility. There Sofia worked with the global mobility teams at some of the largest companies in Silicon Valley, assisting with their migration needs world-wide. Before moving to the United States, Sofia spent more than 5 years working on complex antitrust matters at the law firms Herbert Smith, Clifford Chance, and Cederquist.

Sofia is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce of Washington, DC, and the DC chapter of SWEA (Swedish Women’s Educational Association), a global network with 7,000 Swedish speaking women promoting Swedish language, culture and tradition. Sofia and her husband live in Washington, DC, with their son.

Sofia speaks native Swedish and fluent English, and has near-native comprehension of Norwegian and Danish.

GYH and WOLA partner to host Rep. Jamie Raskin for a discussion of WOLA’s Beyond the Wall campaign

On Friday, June 14th, Grossman Young & Hammond, in partnership with the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA), hosted a reception and discussion featuring Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD). The discussion focused on WOLA’s Beyond the Wall campaign, which strives to protect asylum seekers and immigrants by fighting back against inhumane, draconian policies. The campaign takes a four-pronged approach to mitigating the harmful policies of the current administration, including:

  1. Fighting Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy by investigating and exposing human rights abuses at the border.
  2. Working against draconian deportation and detention forces that sow fear and chaos and taking measures to stop Trump’s wasteful border wall efforts.
  3. Giving asylum seekers legal tools to protect their rights.
  4. Advocating for robust U.S. aid to Central America, with a focus on tackling corruption.

At the reception, Rep. Raskin voiced his support for the efforts or WOLA, the importance of immigrant rights in today’s global climate and, most importantly, the pressing need for reform.

If you would like to be included in future Grossman Young & Hammond events, please email:

If you would like to donate to WOLA’s Beyond the Wall Campaign, please visit the organization’s website at:

Grossman Young & Hammond Recognized in Legal 500 United States 2019 Rankings

In its 2019 guide, The Legal 500 U.S. ranked Grossman Young & Hammond as a leader in immigration law nationwide. Becki Young was honored as a “Leading Lawyer,” the top ranking category for individuals. To view Grossman Young & Hammond’s full results from The Legal 500 US 2019 guide, including the associated commentary, click here.

For more than 30 years, The Legal 500 has been vetting the capabilities of law firms. Its rankings are based on a series of criteria highlighting practice area teams who provide cutting edge and innovative advice to corporate counsel. Research is based on feedback from 300,000 clients worldwide, submissions from law firms, and interviews with leading private practice lawyers.

Grossman Young & Hammond serves all areas of the U.S. immigration market. The firm’s attorneys provide exceptional and creative solutions to help clients navigate the challenges posed by complex immigration laws and compliance policies. The relationships these attorneys have with multiple U.S. agencies — from USCIS to the U.S. Department of Labor — combined with active participation in liaison committees with government officials keep Grossman Young & Hammond on the cutting edge.

Grossman Young & Hammond Partners and Firm Recognized in 2019 Chambers USA Guide

Chambers USA has ranked the firm of Grossman Young & Hammond and partners Becki Young and Denise Hammond as leaders serving the immigration market. The firm is known for its personal touch with clients and recognized for its credibility, diligence and unfailing commitment to excellence.

Grossman Young & Hammond’s Business Immigration practice group earned recognition in the 2019 directory. In addition to the practice group ranking, firm partners Young and Hammond are ranked for their immigration work. Firm and attorney rankings for the District of Columbia and USA—Nationwide include:

District of Columbia

  • Becki Young, Band 2
  • Denise Hammond, Senior Statespeople
  • Grossman Young & Hammond, Band 3


  • Becki Young, Band 3
  • Denise Hammond, Senior Statespeople

Published by London-based Chambers and Partners, the annual Chambers USA: America’s Leading Lawyers for Business directory ranks leading U.S. firms and attorneys in a wide range of practice areas based on in-depth research, including client and peer interviews. Ranking selection is based on outstanding achievement, excellence in a given practice area and quality of client service. Grossman Young & Hammond’s rankings can be found here and additional information on Chambers can be found here.

Grossman Young & Hammond serves all areas of the U.S. immigration market. The firm’s attorneys provide exceptional and creative solutions to help clients navigate the challenges posed by complex immigration laws and compliance policies. The relationships these attorneys have with multiple U.S. agencies — from USCIS to the U.S. Department of Labor — combined with active participation in liaison committees with government officials keep Grossman Young & Hammond on the cutting edge.

Grossman Young & Hammond Partners selected as 2019 Lawdragon Most Powerful Employment Lawyers

In the 12th edition of The Nation's Most Powerful Employment Attorneys, Human Resource Executive magazine and Lawdragon named partners Becki Young and Sandra Grossman in the 40 Up and Comers in Corporate Employment Law list. Lawdragon is a well-known and respected publisher of guides to the nation’s leading lawyers.

Grossman Young & Hammond’s experienced employment-based immigration team also includes Rita McCarthy, Ali Nasserghodsi, and Yeon Me Kim.

The team provides employers with the full spectrum of temporary and permanent employment visas, provides strategic consulting services to help companies and organizations strengthen their immigration programs and to protect them from liability. Specifically, our experience includes consulting on:

  • Strategic planning to prevent the loss of key-employee immigration status and plan for long-term visa continuity for rising talent
  • Ensuring compliance in corporate restructurings including due diligence for mergers and acquisitions
  • Counseling and training clients in Form I-9 employment verification and E-Verify compliance
  • Representing clients in audits and proceedings by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”)
  • Auditing and review of Labor Condition Application (LCA) Public Access Files for compliance
  • Training for worksite visits and protocol management
  • Guidance on developing a fair, legal, and ethical corporate immigration program

Grossman Young & Hammond is proud to announce that partners Becki Young and Sandra Grossman were recognized in the December 2018 issue of Washingtonian as among Washington, DC’s Best Lawyers in immigration.

Washingtonian’s Best Lawyers list is a trusted ranking directory of local area attorneys recognized for demonstrating the highest professional standards in their practice areas and garnering significant respect from their colleagues and peers. Washingtonian's selection process consists of surveys from top-rated legal peers, independent research and reporting, and evaluations of notable successes of the local bar.

For the full list visit:

DC-Area Immigration Boutiques Join Forces Amid Policy Upheavals, National Law Journal, November 13, 2018.