Testimonials found on this website are actual client reviews of the Washington, DC, immigration attorneys of Grossman Young & Hammond and our predecessor law firms, Hammond Young Immigration Law and Grossman Law. We appreciate our clients and their willingness to share their experiences. Please keep in mind that the success of any legal matter depends on the unique circumstances of each case: we cannot guarantee particular results for future clients based on successes we have achieved in past legal matters.

Amy Masciola, Immigrants' Rights Advocate

Ms. Grossman is a brilliant attorney who cares deeply about her clients. In 2009, she took on a complicated asylum appeal for a refugee from Cote d'Ivoire (a political activist for whom I was acting as advocate). The case had dragged on for more than 2 years before we contacted Ms. Grossman. She and her staff approached the case with dedication, imagination, and the utmost professionalism, helping us overcome what seemed like insurmountable obstacles.

My colleague was finally granted asylum and is in the process of bringing his family to safety in the United States. Without the attorneys of Grossman Law, my colleague might have been returned to Cote d'Ivoire and faced certain arrest and detention or worse. Through their work, Ms. Grossman and her staff are improving the lives of refugees and immigrants every day.

– Amy Masciola, Immigrants' Rights Advocate, Masciola Campaign Consulting LLC (former Campaigns Coordinator for AFL-CIO)

Mary McAuliffe

Denise Hammond is an expert when it comes to the arcane rules and regulations of obtaining visas. She is single-minded and resourceful in her focus in achieving the goal. She knows all the players and a day won't go by without your hearing from Denise with an update, an idea, a breakthrough. There is no one better at what she does.

– Mary McAuliffe, Vice President - External Relations (ret'd), Union Pacific Railroad

Howard Allentoff

Hammond Immigration Law has been extremely helpful, patient, informative and flexible in their time and assistance. They are especially strong at having the ability to transform the very complex field of immigration law into layman's terms to be easily understood by all parties involved. The firm is very, very knowledgeable in all areas of immigration law and process. They are always willing to assist in any matter that arises, at any time. They are patient, understanding and always process-oriented.

– Howard Allentoff, Senior Vice President - Human Resources, K12, Inc.

David M. Solo, Chief Executive Officer

I work extensively with external legal counsel in my job. Therefore, I can state that the services and solutions provided by Denise Hammond truly stand out from the crowd of firms offering services in this sector. I would unreservedly use her services again and already recommend them to any contact in need of advice on US Immigration issues.

– David M. Solo, Chief Executive Officer , GAM Group AG and Swiss & Global Asset Management AG

Cynthia Billeaud

I have been working with Becki Young for about 9 years now, she provides a unique expertise in the hospitality industry. She is a delightful person to work with.

– Cynthia Billeaud, Director of Human Resources, Dinex Group


Everything is going extremely well for now. I got a job three months after my DACA status was approved and I've been working ever since. With my work permit, I was able to get my driver's license, which helped a lot because I used to have to take the metro to work. With the money I've made at my job, I was able to buy a car and afford to pay for gas, which has made it easier for me to get around town. I started going to community college and am working on a degree in marketing and business administration. I plan on going to California to visit family sometime this summer, for the first time in many years, since my status allows me to do so now. I truly appreciate all that Grossman Law has done for me. Thank you!

– DREAMer, Citizen of Mexico, DACA Beneficiary

Bryan J. Logan, Director

Since 1987, we have been using Hammond Immigration for all our employee immigration requirements. We have jointly dealt with immigration requirements from all continents except Antarctica! The detailed diligence and follow through of Hammond Immigration has ensured success on all our cases. We would be a much smaller firm today without the professional help and guidance of Hammond Immigration.

– Bryan J. Logan, Director, Fugro EarthData International, Inc.

Sebastien Serre

Becki has been working on my immigration status for the past 6 or 7 years, after three H1B visas, 3 transfers... I finally got a green card, a long and stressful process. I had the chance to have Becki as a counsel, always available to answer any questions or concerns, very detail oriented, very responsive. I am glad I meet Becki - without her advice, her immigration knowledge and expertise I am not sure I would be a permanent resident in the United States today.

– Sebastien Serre, Event / Catering Manager, Winvian

Citizen of Venezuela

Soy venezolano. Llegué a los Estados Unidos huyendo de mi país, perseguido por pertenecer a un grupo hostigado por el gobierno. Entrevisté a cuatro abogados para evaluar la posibilidad de solicitar asilo. Después de hacer una matriz de evaluación para escoger al abogado que mejor me representaba, basado en los parámetros de: costos, experiencia, atención personalizada y metodología de trabajo, decidí contratar los servicios de Grossman Law.

Supe de esta firma gracias a la referencia de un amigo venezolano, abogado muy reconocido en mi país. Fue muy acertada su recomendación. Desde el principio me dieron un panorama claro de cómo sería el proceso, los costos asociados y el cronograma. También me puntualizaron el trabajo que ambas partes teníamos que realizar, la documentación requerida, las posibilidades y alternativas después de avanzar en cada paso, las opciones para incluir a mi familia, los pro y los contra en cada decisión. Sentí inmediatamente confianza por la seriedad y dedicación que mostraron, por el dominio que tienen del proceso y, sobre todo, porque siempre estuvieron allí para aclararme personalmente cualquier duda o inquietud.

Hoy, después de haber sido cliente de Grossman Law, de conocer su profesionalismo y calidad humana, me atrevo a recomendarlos con la seguridad de que sus clientes tendrán el apoyo necesario para afrontar su caso con la mejor asesoría, la mayor tranquilidad y todas las posibilidades de éxito. Doy testimonio de que gracias a ellos concluí exitosamente mi proceso de asilo y el de mi familia, en muy poco tiempo y con un mínimo de ansiedad, gracias a su constante apoyo. Si alguien quiere conocer más sobre mi experiencia, puede solicitar a Grossman Law mi nombre, teléfono o email. Gustosamente lo atenderé.

– Citizen of Venezuela, Asylee

Brian Kraff

Working with Denise and her team was one of my best decisions over the recent years! Her approach is professional, knowledgeable, and practical. Her firm has performed work for me personally and for my company. As a CEO, I hire numerous lawyers of varied specialties. I know a great attorney when I find one and I consistently recommend her services to my colleagues and friends. And that really says it all.

– Brian Kraff, CEO - Market Hardware, Inc., Bethesda, MD

Shari Rhein

It has been a delight to work with Becki over the last several years. Becki is very approachable and has worked well with everyone that has come in contact with her. She is highly knowledgeable not only in immigration law but also in the restaurant industry. Becki's turnaround time is amazing while paying close attention to detail. I highly recommend Becki to any company.

– Shari Rhein, Director of Human Resources, MARC USA

Sana, Citizen of Pakistan

I just got approved for asylum within 4 months of applying, which is really impossible for any immigration case. I am very happy that I chose Grossman Law, LLC for my removal/asylum case. I personally would credit Rachel Zoghlin for professionally handling this case. I have had experiences in the past with other lawyers for my family members but I have never seen a law firm like Grossman Law, LLC, where the lawyers are well-prepared ahead of time. I am very thankful for the respect and mental relief that they have given me during this very emotional time. From day one, they have given me positive hope. . . . Rachel has worked very hard and I appreciate every effort of her with my heart. I highly recommended Grossman Law, LLC to every one who is seeking immigration help. They are the best law firm and would never disappoint you.

– Sana, Citizen of Pakistan, Asylee

Valia Velyova

Denise and Hammond Immigration, PC have a very personalized approach where you get all the attention you need. I feel like we have an on-site company attorney. Denise and her staff handle our cases with the highest degree of professionalism while maintaining a friendly attitude. Our cases run smoothly thanks to their understanding and genuine care for our company's needs.

– Valia Velyova, Human Resource Specialist - Parature, Inc.

Sarah Cooley

Becki possesses a great deal of expert knowledge in the area of Immigration Law. She has provided guidance and assistance in various immigration matters for me in my current role, both in straightforward cases and more complex situations. A great skill of Becki's is to recommend alternative courses of action in these complex cases. I can always rely on Becki to respond to my questions in a very quick timeframe, which is something that I truly appreciate. I would highly recommend Becki to any company who is seeking counsel from a highly knowledgeable, reliable and creative professional.

– Sarah Cooley, Senior HR Generalist, CooperVision

Ljuben Paralanov

My wife and I have been lawful permanent residents of the United States since May, 2004 by March 2010. I am an engineer by training and because of my job responsibilities as a Manager for the biggest U.S. investment project in Bulgaria, I have been working in Bulgaria for much of the time that I have been a resident of the United States. My career requires me to live in Bulgaria. Since obtaining my green card, my wife and I have travelled regularly to the United States to visit our children… We never had any problems with U.S. Customs, or any idea that somehow we were not in compliance with our residency status until a 2009 trip to the U.S. when we were being charged by Immigration services with abandoning our residency status and that we would have to abandon our residency voluntarily or go to immigration court…. Grossman Law, LLC prepared our case in a professional manner, submitted all necessary papers, negotiated with the Government, and organized our presentation for court session. During court hearing we were assisted directly by Sandra Grossman, Esq. Her support and representation was ultimately successful…Based on her professional assistance my family obtained very satisfactory results and I highly recommend her law practice to future prospective clients.

– Ljuben Paralanov, Bulgarian citizen and former Lawful Permanent Resident

Brian J. Greenbaum

Denise Hammond and her associates have given us impeccable professional services and legal advice. Their knowledge and insight into immigration laws and procedures have helped us greatly in structuring internal procedures and audits for I-9 preparation and filing. Their willingness to assist us in other immigration law areas both for the Company and our employees has made them a great reference point. We can always count on Hammond Immigration to provide us with up-to-the-minute information on pertinent legal and immigration matters. They have proven to be a great asset to us and we know we can continue to turn to them for expert guidance on complicated immigration law questions.

– Brian J. Greenbaum, General Manager/CFO - Concrete Protection & Restoration, Inc.

Former Chilean Diplomat

I am a citizen of Chile but have lived in the United States in diplomatic visa status (G4), working for one of the Multilateral Development Institutions in the Washington DC area for more than 30 years. I ran into a worrisome immigration problem in 2009 when I applied for adjustment of status and did not realize that I was subject to a two-year home residency requirement because of my former J-1 visa.

Ms. Grossman and her staff helped resolve the issue with the immigration service in a creative and efficient manner. Her vast knowledge of the immigration laws was crucial to helping me find a solution to a difficult issue. I found Ms. Grossman to be attentive, professional, creative and extremely knowledgeable of the U.S. immigration laws and system.

– Former Chilean Diplomat, Citizen of Chile and Lawful Permanent Resident of the United States

Martial Vivot

I loved working with Becki. Through her efforts I was able to obtain a green card, and then citizenship, to raise my family in the US and to launch a successful business here. Becki is knowledgeable, responsive, and creative - I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs a top-notch immigration lawyer!

– Martial Vivot, Owner, Martial Vivot Salon Pour Hommes

Elizabeth Biggs

The Ecological Society of America is very pleased with the legal work done by Denise Hammond in helping our employees secure H-1B visas in order to work with the Society. We asked Denise for assistance in recruiting an editor from Great Britain for our new international journal, Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. Not only was the editor the very best candidate hired, but the journal is an extraordinary success! As the Society's Director of Administration, it is particularly important to me that Denise has always been there when I needed her and usually on short notice.

– Elizabeth Biggs, CFO & Director of Administration - Ecological Society of America, Inc.

Matthew Burns

I had the pleasure of working with Becki on immigration matters for over three years. She listened carefully to my needs, knew the subject, gave me great advice and, on occasions where she needed in-country assistance, always knew who to call.

– Matthew Burns, Director, Global HR Strategic Initiatives & Operations, Lockheed Martin

If you are looking for an immigration lawyer, don't look anywhere else. Rachel Zoghlin is an excellent lawyer. She will respond to your emails, and calls very fast with a solution to your concerns. Honestly, I don't know what I would have done without her. She was on top of every concern that I had, and within a few hours she had already worked on a solution.

– Nelson

Sergeui Kozlov, Ph.D.

When I was driving to Denise Hammond's Law Office for my first consultation, I have been embracing myself for a time- and efforts-consuming challenge of getting a green card. After an hour interview with Denise Hammond, I was truly amazed to realize that at the end of our discussion that Denise had already drafted a solid case strategy. Denise was on the top of my case, literally 24/7. Denise was extremely responsive as she returned each call within an hour of leaving her a message or sending an email. She helped me get my I-140 approved in just under 50 days after submitting my application. Without Denise's assistance, my path to the permanent residency status would be much longer and much more frustrating.

– Sergeui Kozlov, Ph.D., Staff Scientist - Cancer and Developmental Biology Laboratory, National Cancer Institute at Frederick US National Institutes of Health

Ron Smith

I have worked with Denise Hammond for over six years most recently over the past four years with WealthEngine. Denise’s advice and counsel, along with the firm’s staff, has always been prompt and, as importantly, clear and transparent. We have had excellent experience getting complex immigration issues explained clearly so we know all of the issues up front, minimizing missteps along the sometimes lengthy immigration process. I would recommend Denise and her firm without reservation.

– Ron Smith, former CFO, Wealth Engine

Richard M. Delany

The Old Edwards Inn and Spa, a member of the prestigious Preferred Hotel Group, Mobil Four Star recipient and AAA Four-Diamond award winner, has a reputation for quality service and guest satisfaction. It is essential to our operation that we are able to recruit the very best professionals in the hospitality industry both here in the US and overseas and that we are able to obtain the appropriate work visa for those overseas employees. Becki Young represents us for all our visa immigration needs and we could not be happier with her performance. I have actually had the pleasure of working with Becki on immigration petitions for approximately 20 years at other luxury properties and she has always come through for us. She is totally professional, committed and makes the process as seamless as possible.

– Richard M. Delany, President and Managing Director, Old Edwards Inn and Spa

Marco Scanu

My wife and I contacted Becki back in 2005 when we were studying the possibility of immigrating to the United States. Becki provided us with a thorough and professional analysis and laid out all the options. We quickly saw she was very knowledgeable. It took us three years to finally take the plunge but we were confident because Becki took us under her wing for all that time, answering our questions and designing the strategy to succeed with our immigration plans. I must add that Becki successfully handled an O-1 petition (one of the toughest visas to get). Today, both my wife and I are U.S. residents and we can't thank her enough. We continue to work together to this day, preparing business plans for her entrepreneurial clients through our company visabusinessplans.com. We highly recommend Becki Young and appreciate immensely all her guidance and professionalism.

– Marco Scanu, Owner, visabusinessplans.com

Carey Snowden

I have gone to Becki for numerous professional visas over the last four years, and have found her to be efficient, thorough and effective every single time.

– Carey Snowden, Operations Manager at Benu and Monsieur Benjamin

Rumiko Kameyama

With her in-depth knowledge and experience, Becki Young provided us with great support on our visa sponsorship. For cases outside the norm, she guided us through and ensured we had desirable outcomes, which has been very much appreciated by not only the company but also by our visa sponsored employees.

– Rumiko Kameyama, HR Specialist, Toyota Tsusho America

Excellent and caring Immigration Lawyer

I started working with Meg in 2009 when I applied for US permanent residence.
She has provided terrific service throughout, including handling all the paperwork, collecting all necessary information/documents etc to file with my application and in submitting responses to a request for additional evidence. She was present with me at the interview which went very smoothly with no issues given my case was properly prepared and filed. When I obtained my US permanent residence she advised me right away on steps to take to preserve my eligibility for US naturalization and to keep track of any overseas travels which would make the subsequent filing for citizenship more efficient. I subsequently had to relocate overseas temporarily for my work and she advised me on filing for a US re-entry permit (an important but often overlooked travel document) and handled the filing.

After I became eligible to apply for naturalization I re hired Meg who encouraged me to file my US citizenship application without delay (given it provides critical security and rights that a US green card holder lacks), was present during the interview and the whole process followed its course without a hiccup. Thanks to Meg I am now a proud and happy American.
Meg stands out for her diligence, strong competence and experience with immigration law, her passion for the work and her genuine commitment and care in helping immigrants regardless of where they come from. Prior to law school she worked with the US Peace Corps in a village in Africa which shows her devotion to helping others, including in difficult and remote corners of the world.

She made a complicated process manageable and less stressful. She was always highly responsive and available to answer questions on short notice even during times when our retainer was no longer effective and she kept me updated while my applications were pending.

US immigration law is very complex and given the current administration’s policies on immigration it is especially important for people to have good immigration advice from an excellent lawyer like Meg. It is a small price to pay for security and the peace of mind.

– Anonymous

Excellent Attorney would hire her again!

Meg is very knowledgeable on the law. I was referred by a friend who had hired her for his permanent residency and had nothing but good things to say about her. Everything he said was true and she did an excellent job on my case.

– Anonymous

Great representation for N400 application

I was lucky to find Meg help me with my dealings with USCIS. If you live overseas or simply needs help with an immigration related issue, Meg is your girl (lady I should say)! My husband and I live and work in Switzerland which means that filing our own a naturalization application for abroad would have been quite an undertaking. Meg and her team did a brilliant job during the filing processes, making sure our applications contained all the documents required (an some more), explaining at every step what was required and why and advising us on what to expect in terms of next steps and likely timeline (which is very helpful). Despite my somewhat complicated cases (we filed 3 applications in once : an application for removal of conditions for my residency, another one for a re-entry permit and a last one for the naturalization), Meg and her team worked wonders. In 9 months overall, I had all 3 applications approved. Terrific work!! I could not be happier with the service I got! I highly recommend Margaret!

– Houssey

Restored my faith in attorneys!

Margaret (Meg) Hobbins and her team were absolutely spectacular. I am a Canadian citizen who in 2012, was given an expedited removal order and a 5 year ban from the US, for over staying in the US to be with my spouse. This was made even worse by the actions of the first law firm I hired, who completely botched my first visa attempt. My second immigration attorney seemed indifferent to our struggles (we are a same sex couple and the ban occurred prior to the fall of DOMA and the legalization of same-sex marriage) and he just seemed to drop my case for months at a time. Both my waiver and visa application were denied when I was with this attorney. My third attorney filed for my permanent residency (green card), but failed to mention that I would also need to re-apply for a ban waiver and then seemed to have dropped our case after filing. By this time, almost three years had passed, my spouse and I had to sell our business and a home and we had made plans to relocate him to Canada, away from our home that we loved, all our friends and his family. At that point we thought all hope of return had passed, all immigration attorneys did not care and we would have to rebuild our lives in Canada. But then we also learned that there was no guarantee that I would be able to return to the US to visit without encountering problems after my ban had expired, so we decided to continue with my application for permanent residency, knowing that we would also need to get a waiver. I knew of Meg's firm through of a friend of a friend and right from the first consultation, they made us feel like they actually cared. Meg and her firm came up with a plan quickly, explained every step and scenario in detail, kept the lines of communication open at all times and executed every step of the process exactly as was discussed. I have never had any professional in any industry be as responsive and make me feel like they cared as much as this. A friend of ours who happens to be judge was somewhat involved in our applications and even he remarked that he had never dealt with attorneys that were as responsive as Meg and her firm. Ultimately, my permanent residency, waiver and permission to re-enter were all approved, due mostly to the great and timely work of this firm. I would utilize them for anything they would agree to do for us in a heartbeat.

– Clem

Highly Recommend

I highly recommend Meg as a Immigration Attorney. I was really impressed with Meg's knowledge, professionalism and insights. There were some challenges in my case and Meg took the time and effort and detailed approach to resolve it. I really appreciate all the help she has provided me.

– Amit

Immigration Support for my Partner

Meg Hobbins provide exceptional support to me and my partner in our pursuit of his immigrating to the United States. She provided expert advice throughout the process, and communicated with us on each and every step along the way. She helped to make our dream come true - to enjoy our lives together here in the U.S.

– Anonymous


My husband and I hired Meg Hobbins for my permanent resident petition. We are both very satisfied with her performance. She was very thorough and whenever there was a question/problem, she immediately looked into it. We would definitely hire her again if we needed a lawyer and also recommend her to any of our family and friends.

– Anonymous

My Awesome attorney

I know awesome is really not a word a grown up should use and even less so to describe an attorney. However,it is the only word I can use to describe Meg Hobbins. I had very serious immigration issues and was facing possibly deportation when I met Meg in 2012. My case was as complex as they come and my attorney at the time told me she couldn't handle it and I had to move,in her own words,"up the food chain" so she referred me to Meg. That was the best decision I ever made. I had been through 4 immigration attorneys by then and it was refreshing to finally deal with a pro. Meg is a consummate professional and really relieved me of all the stress of dealing with USCIS. You will know in detail what supporting documents to submit, how and when and her team is fantastic in keeping you up to date. With her guidance I finally got my long sought green card in January 2013.

I currently have a thriving medical practice in Chevy Chase Maryland and still live in the USA with my wife and four beautiful children and I have Meg to thank for that. I have referred many friends and family to Meg and will continue to do so.

– Albert

Excellent Immigration Lawyer

Meg was very attentive and responsive during whole process. I hired her for removing condition on green card and without doubt, she organized and well prepared my petition. It was long wait but USCIS approved petition without asking further information or interview. Definitely recommended.

– Anonymous

Caring, great customer service skills, down to earth!

Ms Hobbins is a very professional and caring person, even at her last month of her pregnancy I remember she continued to communicate with us to let us know the status of our case. Professional and down to earth personality - very easy to talk to!

– Al

Thelma Aldana, Politician, former President of the Supreme Court and former Attorney General of Guatemala

Several people recommended that I take my asylum and Interpol defense case to Grossman Young & Hammond, the references for the law firm were extraordinary. The legal fees were covered by an American foundation, on a pro bono basis. A few months later, after the firm achieved the resolution of political asylum in my favor and having defended me before Interpol, I came to see that the referrals were true. However, beyond the high professional level of the firm, I must recognize in attorney Sandra Grossman and her legal team the commitment, sense of accompaniment, warmth, deft political management and the human focus that for those of us in vulnerable situations is vital.

In short, their professionalism and humanity were essential, especially for a case like mine which was highly complicated by having served as the Attorney General of Guatemala and suffering political persecution by the mafia of that country. Being a lawyer we teamed up with Grossman Young and won - the Firm achieved what seemed impossible.

INTERPOL Decision:

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– Thelma Aldana, Politician, former President of the Supreme Court and former Attorney General of Guatemala

Gabriel Osio Zamora, Venezuelan Citizen

In 2010, my business partners and I became the target of a vicious political persecution by the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez Frías, who ordered the control of and ultimately the elimination of brokerage firms purely for political reasons. The Venezuelan President considered that brokerage firms jeopardized the economic system that he called “Socialism of the XXI century.” At the time, I was President of the Board of Directors of Grupo de Empresas Econoinvest a Holding and Public company. COB and Executive Director of Econoinvest Casa de Bolsa, C.A., the largest investment company in Venezuela at that time, Vice President of the Caracas Stock Exchange and President of The Venezuelan Brokers Association. Acting under the complete control of the executive branch, special police forces arbitrarily and unlawfully detained my business partners. As was later recognized by the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention and by the U.S. Department of State in their Venezuelan country reports, my business partners were held in violation of their basic human rights and in violation of their right to personal liberty and due process under the law. The Venezuelan courts also ordered that an Interpol Red Notice be issued against me personally. In 2012, after numerous filings with the Commission for Control of Interpol’s Files (CCF) in Lyon, France, Sandra Grossman and her team were able to obtain deletion of the Red Notice. The CCF wrote that after re-examining Ms. Grossman’s legal arguments and evidence, it considered that the case against me was “predominantly political in nature and consequently fell within the scope of Article 3 of Interpol’s Constitution.” The information about me was permanently deleted from Interpol’s files. The CCF’s decision constituted firm confirmation that the Red Notice against me had been issued by weak, provisional judges who executed arbitrary criminal proceedings against me in violation of my human rights. Ms. Grossman’s assistance, her utter dedication to my case, her knowledge of international human rights law, and her unwavering advocacy were critical in my success before Interpol. I would highly recommend her and her team in any related proceedings.

INTERPOL Decision:

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– Gabriel Osio Zamora, Venezuelan Citizen

Dual Venezuelan and U.S. citizen and pediatric cardiologist/neonatologist

I am a dual Venezuelan and U.S. citizen and well-known pediatric cardiologist/neonatologist who has dedicated his life and career to treating acutely and chronically ill vulnerable children. In 2008, I became the unfortunate victim of a massive persecution instigated by the Venezuelan state. Though its subjugated court system, the media, and the executive branch itself, the government of Venezuela set out to violently, needlessly, and cruelly destroy my reputation and the reputation of my medical associates. Their purpose was clear: to divert attention from Venezuela’s own failing public health system and to blame the nation’s medical failings on a group of doctors labeled as “elitist,” “westernized,” and non-patriotic because they were educated in the United States, employed in a private hospital, and of the Jewish faith. The Venezuelan state further persecuted me through the machinery of INTERPOL, by issuing a request for a Red Notice. Because of this illegitimate and persecutory action I could not return to Venezuela, lest I be arrested and jailed unlawfully for a crime I did not commit. I could not travel abroad or even seek citizenship in the U.S. because of the INTERPOL notice against me. Very fortunately, I was able to locate and retain attorney Grossman who filed a claim with Interpol arguing that the Red Notice stood in clear violation of my dignity and human rights. Attorney Grossman’s keen understanding of my case, her dedication, and her knowledge of international law and INTERPOL procedure, ultimately led to a decision by INTERPOL in 2014, that all data against me failed to comply with Interpol’s rules. Interpol deleted from their databases the negative data against me. Today I can travel the world freely and I am a proud U.S. citizen. I highly recommend Ms. Grossman to anyone having the unfortunate and terrible experience of being illegitimately accused of a crime by an authoritarian and abusive government.

INTERPOL Decision:

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– Dual Venezuelan and U.S. citizen and pediatric cardiologist/neonatologist


I am a successful entrepreneur who was forced to flee my home country, Russia, after I was targeted with bogus, politically-motivated criminal charges by the Russian government. Even though there was zero basis for the case against me, the Russian government requested a Red Notice in my name and turned my life into a nightmare. I applied for asylum in the United States, and naively believed that I was safe. I was then detained by US immigration authorities for months, purely due to the Red Notice. I tried for well over a year through another firm to remove the Red Notice but my claim was denied by Interpol. I hired Grossman Young & Hammond and they took a deep dive into the facts of my case and helped me to identify the evidence needed to demonstrate how I had been wronged. They were able to request a review of my case with Interpol, presenting new evidence and arguments, and finally persuaded Interpol that the Red Notice was not legitimate. Achieving the deletion of the Red Notice was a huge vindication for me. I am forever grateful to Sandra Grossman and Meg Hobbins for their incredible insight and tenacity that brought me justice.

– Anonymous

Margaret Hobbins is the most thorough attorney I've worked with in my 17 year-long immigration history in the US. After a brief and positive adjustment of status interview, USCIS issued an RFE for my pending I-485 application. The RFE was for information that was provided in the case, which at the time we did not know was inaccurate as well as a request for more documents. This inaccuracy may have been interpreted as misrepresentation by USCIS, triggering an RFE and a possible denial. After retaining Ms. Hobbins to help me with the RFE she discovered the issue that was missed by the previous three immigration firms and drove the RFE response to a favorable adjudication of my case. I highly recommend Ms. Hobbins and will be
referring friends to her firm.

– Ted