Thank you to those who attended our webinar – Exploring the E-2 Visa. For those who could not attend or would like to review the materials, a recording of the webinar and PDF of the slides are below. 

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PDF of slides: HERE

The E-2 visa is an attractive option for foreign entrepreneurs and investors who wish to start a

business in the U.S., or invest in an existing business. Although it’s a “temporary” visa category, many E-2 visa stamps are issued for 5 years, and the E-2 can be renewed indefinitely as long as you continue to oversee your U.S. investment. If you want the flexibility to spend time in the U.S., without the tax consequences of legal permanent residence, the E-2 is worth exploring! Come hear Grossman Young partners Becki Young and Sandra Grossman, along with expat tax expert Len Wolf and E-2 business plan expert Marco Scanu share their expertise on the versatile E-2 visa. This seminar will address:

• What is the E2 visa category? Which countries / citizens qualify?

• How to create a successful E2 business plan?

• How to prepare for the E2 visa interview (and how to address inadmissibility issues)?

• What are the tax benefits of E2 status?

• What has changed about the E2 in recent years? What’s the status of BAHA (Buy American, Hire American)?