Thank you to all who attended our webinar on the topic of O-1 Agents. A recording of the webinar is available here and on Youtube. 

A PDF of the Slides is HERE

  • 1.Background on O-1 Agents & Regulatory History
  • 2.O-1 Agent Regulatory Framework (including the difference between immigration agents and talent agents)
  • 3.O-1 Agent Paradigms (including the unique definition of “employer” in the O1 context, and the various models under which agents may file O1 petitions)


Becki Young, Partner, is a seasoned business immigration attorney with over 20 years of experience in the field.  She has extensive experience facilitating the sponsorship of foreign professionals, trainees, interns and individuals of “extraordinary ability.”

Denise Hammond, Senior Counsel, has focused exclusively on the practice of immigration law for almost 30 years. She represents highly accomplished individuals, including international medical graduates, scientists and researchers, artists, executives, and more.

Matthew Covey has devoted his professional career to helping artists build bridges between international communities. Himself an accomplished musician turned lawyer, Covey is co-founder of Tamizdat, a non-profit that facilitates and advocates for international cultural mobility and exchange.

Jonathan Ginsburg is a principal in the law firm of Fettmann Ginsburg PC, a law firm specializing in business matters and U.S. immigration and nationality law. He is an expert on the O and P nonimmigrant visa provisions together with their permanent residence counterparts.