For foreign nationals with a pending adjustment of status (AOS) application, questions arise regarding what they can and cannot do while an AOS application is pending. Some common inquiries include – Can I change my job? Can I travel? Can I extend my nonimmigrant status? If so for how long?
With recent shifts in immigrant visa availability and COVID-related complications, new and more complex questions are arising about travel, work, and maintenance of nonimmigrant status while an AOS application is pending. In this webinar GYH Counsels Rita McCarthy and Khandikile M. Sokoni will review practical ways in which individuals in different visa statuses are impacted by a pending AOS application. The attorneys will discuss important considerations these foreign nationals and their attorneys ought to look out for to ensure their actions do not jeopardize their pending AOS applications or other future immigration benefits.
When: Friday, April 9, 2021 | 1:00pm ET – 2:00pm ET