The Afghan Embassy recently requested INTERPOL issue a Red Notice for the country’s former president Ashraf Ghani. After fleeing to the United Arab Emirates, the escaped former president was accused of stealing from the country’s treasury amidst the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan’s capital city of Kabul.

Various rumors floated about Ghani’s escape as the Taliban closed in on Kabul, until it was confirmed by the UAE’s foreign minister that the former president was on their soil. The Russian embassy in Kabul alleges that Ghani fled Afghanistan with several cars and a helicopter, all full of cash.

Along with the Red Notice request for the former president, the Embassy also demanded the issuance of a Red Notice for former Afghan National Security Advisor, Fazel Mahmood.

Portraits of the former president in the Embassy were replaced by photos of the vice president – Amrullah Saleh – who allegedly remains in the country “somewhere in the northern Panjshir Valley”.

It is still not clear whether the request from the Afghan embassy in Tajikistan will be approved by INTERPOL even though the country has not recognized the Taliban as the authority in charge. Currently, INTERPOL has not issued any Red Notices for the former president or any other former officials. Furthermore, Afghanistan lost access to INTERPOL’s databases and secure messaging service due to the Taliban takeover.

Written by, Lam Phuong Le, Legal Intern