Law360 published article about H-1B worker paycuts amid the Pandemic, authored by Denise Hammond and Yeon Me Kim

The attorneys originally wrote the article to address clients’ questions about compliance during the Coronavirus pandemic, advising that the Fraud and National Security Division of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is likely to see payment of less than the I-129 rate as an H-1B violation and could expose employers to back-pay liability under Department of Labor regulations.

Before Denise and Yeon Me submitted their article, another attorney published an article on the topic, which took a more relaxed stance on how to handle H-1B wages during the pandemic. Denise and Yeon Me revised their article, which was then published by Law360 as a rebuttal to the original perspective. 

GYH’s rebuttal and stance on H-1B wage compliance during the pandemic is available here: Risks Of Including H-1B Workers In Companywide Pay Cuts